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  1. My manual says to drain the oil and remove the seat, spark plug, tank, front fenders valve adjustment caps and left side cover. Is the left side cover number 18 or 28 in this picture? http://www.bikebandit.com/houseofmotorcycles/showschematic/m6446sch235157 I removed 28 could not figure out how to spin the flywheel. There is a black cap that does not seem to be removable. I removed all the bolts from part number 18 and started to remove that cover. I cracked the cover and peeked inside and saw what looked like transmission gears to me. I panicked and put everything back together hoping that no damage was done to the bottom end. There is a bolt in the case with a marking, number 24 in the picture. Can that be used to determine TDC? Any help would be much appreciated. Go easy on me this is my first quad, 4 stroke and its for the wife. I am more of a two wheel two stroke guy.
  2. santod

    1994 DR 350S - electric problems

    the cyclonoid is the round thing not to far from the battery right?
  3. santod

    1994 DR 350S - electric problems

    I would like a copy. That should make it much easier. Thanks a bunch. trsantel@comcast.net
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    1994 DR 350S - electric problems

    Hello a friend of mine has a 1994 DR 350S in poor condition and is not willing to spend the money to fix all the problems. He would rather ride the bike than work on it so most of the maintenance falls to me. I really need a riding buddie so I dont mind fixing his up here and there to keep him on the trails. My 2 stroke does not have a e-start so this system is completely new to me. The DR's wiring harness is completely trashed. The owners before him cut it up pretty good and the bike is missing all the lights. The charging system for the battery does not work either. Last weekend the battery box complete broke off the bike. I am at a loss with how to put it back together. Seeing the bike and the wire harness is in pretty bad shape I was hoping to rewire the bike with a homemade harness just to get it to start again. Could I wiring the battery to the on/off switch and then directly to starter? Would this cause any problems / damage? I know the battery wont charge but it should be ok for a days worth a starts. Any help on this very odd request would be greatly apperciated.