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  1. Surferkid65

    best pipe for 88kit w/race head??

    i like the bbr.
  2. Surferkid65

    how do you wheelie??????

    hahahaha goood point.
  3. Surferkid65

    how do you wheelie??????

    but not too much or else u'll fly off. (learned that the hard way many years ago)
  4. Surferkid65

    Pics of me riding

    I'm not too good yet cuz i just got my bike but heres somethin.
  5. Surferkid65

    Pics of me riding

    how do i upload pics ?
  6. Surferkid65

    Donno what to get.

    hey guys i just got an 03 xr50 off my friend for 750 2 weeks ago and its my new love. its hooked up with bars, seat, stiff spring,k&n,bbr skid plate,graphix, revbox, and thats all i can think of. im gettting like 200 bucks next week and cant decide what i wanna get can u guys help me out cause i cant make up my damn mind.
  7. Surferkid65

    Exhaust Question

    theres lots of kits some are diffrent for 88cc which one were u guys talking about the one for 155.00 cuz im low on funds cuz i just got this fiddy last week.
  8. Surferkid65

    Exhaust Question

    thanks, yea im gonna get the 88 kit soon so ill take it anyway.
  9. Surferkid65

    Exhaust Question

    thanks.. my friend had a tip so i just put it on. i also took out the thing inside and it sounds like a beast. will the sano be pretty much the same? cuz im getting it for free anyway.
  10. Surferkid65

    Exhaust Question

    i just bought an '03 Xr50 off a kid for 750 and its got nice parts. any way he said he has a sano exhaust but i think he said its for bigbore. the engine isnt bored though. will i lose power putting the exhaust on?