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  1. HotCorner

    help! i cant get bike started after mean laydown.

    Is it cranking or nothing when you hit the switch?
  2. HotCorner

    Super moto to dirt conversion question

    I bought one of these for the rear rotor for a reasonable price: http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/images/products/YAAIbX8AAAEAABeGmWsAAAAE-10234.jpg
  3. HotCorner

    Super moto to dirt conversion question

    310 MM front rotors on the SM; I think it's a 240 MM on the rear. I have an extra set for my 18/21 dirt wheels so I don't have to move the rotors from wheelset to wheelset. Technically, the SM forks are a little stiffer than the E/S forks. Spacers are the same, so you don't need different spacers. Also, when you put the dirt wheels on the SM, it will lean over a lot more on the kickstand because the SM kickstand is shorter. Speedo will be about -15% if you put a 21 on the front of a SM.
  4. HotCorner

    Xr650R street legal ?

    I have a plated XRR with a TN title and it didn't even have the Baja Designs kit installed yet.
  5. HotCorner

    CS Locktite debate

    I am going to order Loctite 680 or 638 retaining compound for the job. It was recommended by the Loctite rep. It's for industrial usage and fills gaps (spline - sprocket gap) better than blue or red.
  6. HotCorner

    Is this the correct FCR?

    I have a similar carb on mine (from a '98 YZ400F) and, after modifying the AP and tossing the TPS, it rocks. I have listed in that thread my jetting for a 400 with an MRD/SSW exhaust, 3x3, and a K&N at about 1000' above sea level. Might try a 165 main next time I have the carb off for comparison sake. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=842679&highlight=
  7. HotCorner

    SM Brake problems

    Does this happen after it's ridden or just sitting?
  8. HotCorner

    DRZ Brake Bleeding Woes?

    I was having a hell of a time vacuum bleeding my front brakes. Kept getting bubbles coming out of the bleeder and wondering ""WT F?" Sooo.... I removed bleeder from the caliper and wrapped the bleeder's threads (about 3 times around) with Teflon tape, taking care to not wind the tape down onto the hole at near the inside tip of the bleeder. The bleeder screwed back in with some resistance, but the threads are sealed up so the Mityvac doesn't pull air in around them. Works fine now and only fluid pulls through once the bubbles are pulled from the system. Just thought you'd like to know.
  9. HotCorner

    The Eddie Mod - not the Taffy Mod

    Worked for me too.
  10. HotCorner

    Maximum Horsepower DRZ

    I believe that Eddie will tell you about 60HP N/A.
  11. HotCorner

    is there such thing as a drz rear sprocket guard?

    How in the world could it happen? The bottom of the sprocket's protected by (1) the chain guide and (2) the chain itself.
  12. HotCorner

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    The old yeller DRZ.
  13. HotCorner

    Cold Start Issue with FCR & MRD SSW

    Sounds like it may have been previously on the rich side and now it's a little on the lean side. Rejet or live with it, I guess. Give it a couple squirts with the AP pump before you try starting itif you think it's lean. Personally, I'd live with it if it's running well. Chokes are there for a reason.
  14. HotCorner

    WTB: full Yosh exhaust 07 400SM

    There is more than one kind of Yoshi system that will fit, but i suggest a new MRD/SSW for the price of a used Yosh. Loud pipes save lives. : YMMV.
  15. HotCorner

    Broken DRZ

    There's at least one for sale on supermotojunkie.com.