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  1. nickdog454

    Pro Motocross Images (56K NO WAY)

    U should seriously consider trying to work for like transworld or something because those photos are amazing!!!
  2. nickdog454

    mx vs atv reflex

    i think it one of the best games in the series for sure. tracks r really fun and the whips and scrubs are sick
  3. nickdog454

    riding at leisure time mx. VID!!!

    Oh I have been. Its probably one of the best tracks I have ridden. The owner preps the track to perfection everyday. I was going to go over thanksgiving but they haven't started winter practice yet. I'm for sure going down over my winter break. It's def worth the 10 hour drive.
  4. nickdog454

    riding at leisure time mx. VID!!!

    thanks hondarider777 i tried to sync the clips to the beat of the music. I was watchin vurb motos "EPIC" and i saw that they do that so i thought it would be cool. thanks again for all the positive feedback guys
  5. nickdog454

    riding at leisure time mx. VID!!!

    thanks alot guys the track was really sweet. Yea MXKID12 i go to fmx paradise quite a bit and leisure time is alot better. It flows so much better. Sully u queer my bikes are just as shitty and dont look half as good as yours. N haha yea he did get a little squirly at the end YZ155 the song is try by sweatshop union Oh and thanks again guys. i should have some in the next couple weeks of a trip to alabama to ride monster mountain.
  6. my friends riding at leisure time in medaryville, IN feedback please
  7. Hes regaining alot of feeling. This is a really good sign. Keep chuggin along JW381 http://www.vurbmoto.com/P2D/feature-articles/3492-justin-weeks-hope-not-lost.html
  8. nickdog454

    Vurbmoto: EPIC.torrent

    i second Zonk88. Support these guys. they make great videos.
  9. nickdog454

    keep Justin Weeks in your prayers

    its a terrible thing. i really hope that he can heal up n get back on that bike. he was fun to watch ride. GET WELL SOON JUSTIN381
  10. dam thats really sweet. i remember him from mini warriors 4 i think
  11. nickdog454

    Best dirt Pictures

    monstermx.com has some amazing pictures of there track prepped...heres one
  12. thanks guys. And yea im sure he didnt stay clean for long. In the picture of michael byrne right after i snapped the shot he slid out kinda and roosted the shit out of everyone standing at the fence. Brand new lens too haha
  13. nickdog454

    Another AMAZING barcia Vid!!!

    he really does remind me of bubba the way he throws the bike around. hes gonna be a force to be reckoned with next year.
  14. thanks guys. it was my first time shooting with my new lens. it made so much of a difference