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  1. shotofcali

    Has anyone replaced the casings on a Z400?

    Watch your valve shims. I had one come out of its hole and stick up causing me problems.
  2. shotofcali

    running rough

    I have a stock air box, but i don't have the lid.
  3. shotofcali

    Suzuki jetting for a wild z400/ 440

    I have an 03 z400 that has a slip on yosh pipe, rev-box, esr airbox eliminator kit, and droped my front sprocket one tooth. I am in the process of installing a high compression 440 kit, and a set of stage two hot cams. I was wondering if anybody has any ideas how i need to jet this thing? This bike is already kinda fast. I can stomp stock and almost stock 450's now. I'm hoping this big bore kit and cams lets me eat some more of them for lunch.
  4. shotofcali

    I Have A Problem

    Changing the timing chain is not too terribley bad, if you have some basic mechanical knowledge and a book helps too. You can do it in the frame, I know cause I did. You'll have to pull the foot brake loose, the clutch off, and if i remember right a couple of gears off, the fuel tank, and side plastic. Its not too hard, took me about three hours to tear down and put it back together, and that includes a store run for some locktight. Just make sure you line your cams back up properley... good luck
  5. shotofcali

    reverse rev limiter by pass??

    you can blow your tranny real easy without the reverse rev limiter. I know cause I had to put mine back together. $350 with used parts off of ebay. Several shops I talked to wanted $1500. Be careful.
  6. shotofcali

    I Have A Problem

    my z400 started makeing a loud ticking noise, but still ran like new, turned out the timing chain was stretched. replaced it and now shes fine.
  7. shotofcali

    Z400 Timing Chain Noise Stock

    I had the same problem with my z400. I changed the timing chain and it stopped. I pulled the tensioner out and it was at full tension (after i took the spring out), so i replaced the chain. Fixed the problem.