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  1. Thanks for all the input.I haven't made up my mind.I appreciate all the comments,and am not attempting to solicit more necessarily,or prolong this thread,but am concerned about the following. 1.Varying reliability reports on KTM. 2.My return to cycling,and honest inventory of my skills. 3.My intended use-Am I defining it correctly. Thanks to all. alan
  2. Thanks-Yes I am referring to the adventure.If the bearing issue had been performed ,could I safely consider a pre 03?
  3. I am 53,in good health,5'11",165,and haven't ridden in years.I will take the MSF course,prior to licensing,and will be a casual weekend rider,avoiding heavy traffic.I anticipate moving to the southern boundary of KC Kansas or Missouri from Texas,and exploring outlying areas.I am not mechanically inclined,and would probably not perform my own maintenance.I have decided,however a dual sport is for me,and wanted input from the VOICES OF EXPERIENCE.I appreciate all who respond. Here are my questions. 1.Is this too much bike to re-enter cycling,given I have a strong measure of personal discipline with the throttle? 2.Is this bike so maintenance intensive that it occupies my time,as much as riding? (I have not located a Bike,so I don't know the year,and have become aware that the post 03 Bikes are preferable,with regard to the bearing issues.) 3.Would a DRZ ,Baghira,or other model come more higly recommended? I am anticipating some gravel,rough stuff,county roads,but little interstate travel. Thanks to all who respond. alan tracer2@charter.net