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  1. MLRanes

    First oil change on DRZ400 and screwed up???

    Thanks for the advice. Got the oil in and it runs fine.
  2. MLRanes

    First oil change on DRZ400 and screwed up???

    Yes, I got the new filter in and everything cleaned up. Just wanted to wait to put oil in until I knew for sure I didn't get anything out of whack.
  3. Got in a big hurry tonight and decided to change the oil on my bike. First mistake. Then I drained both the frame and the case, no problem. Then I removed what I thought was the oil filter cover on the left side of the bike which is the starter gear cover or something like that. I put it back right away and it seemed to go back the same way as it came out. I know stupid rookie. Any harm done here?????? Thanks Mike
  4. MLRanes

    DRZ400 or XL650

    I bought the CRF450X to put a plate on it but you can't do that any longer in CA. If it's not sold as "dual purpose" bike with a plate you can't do it. Plus I don't think it's a good bike to dual sport on. I think a 50 mile ride at frwy speeds would do it harm. It's not made for it. It's a great bike for what it was designed for.
  5. I'm in the market for a new bike and I need some advice. I currently have a CRF450x and love the bike but I want a dual sport bike. I would primarilly use it in the dirt with an occasional 30-50 mile ride on freeway/city streets. The KLR650 is out because I believe its a little heavy and I would be affraid of damaging the pretty plastic they have on it now. Great bike but I feel it's primarily a street bike. The new street legal 250's (Yamaha/Kawasaki) look great but I'm affraid they would be a little under powered on the highway. KTM and BMW's are too expensive. So that leaves the XL650 and DRZ 400. I used to have a 650L and loved it but it was big and heavy in rough terrain. Have not ridden the DRZ yet but it looks promising. I would primarily use the bike to chase the kids around the desert and explore around on fire roads etc. I'm primarily a street rider and am not terribly experienced in the dirt. The 450x I have is way beyond my capability. I think I would be happy with either but I'm just looking for a little advice. Thanks Mike
  6. I tore into my bike and all the valves are ok except one of the exhaust valves which measures .010 in. It's within the .001 tolerance, but is a .001 loose better than .001 tight. Just wondering if I should bother tearing into it for such a small change. Also, do the valves tend to tighten or loosen over time? Is there anything else to check while I'm in there? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. MLRanes

    checking ttr-90 oil

    That's what I thought. I got the oil filled by trial and error. Anyone know the oil capacity? Thanks a lot.
  8. MLRanes

    checking ttr-90 oil

    Just changed oil in son's tt-r90 and had a question about checking it. I don't have the manual as I bought it used. Do you check the oil with the dip stick screwed in or with it unscrewed? The zone between full and low is very short so I dont want to screw it up. Thanks Mike
  9. MLRanes

    CRF 450x jetting

    I will give it a try. Thanks for the help. Mike
  10. MLRanes

    CRF 450x jetting

    Thanks for you reply. If I could ask another stupid question. How do you block off the air injection? Mike
  11. Want to readjust carb and/or re-jet to get rid of the popping. Sounds like these bikes (2005) run a little lean out of the box. I'm not interested in more power so I plan on using the stock exhaust. I just want it to run as cool as possible and run well. Are these bike set up from the factory so lean it's harmful? Can I get away with tuning the existing jets to get a more rich run or should I get the JD kit and go that route? I live in So Cal so I ride from about 1200-5000 foot range. I don't plan on doing anything major as far as engine mods. Any input would be helpful. Thanks Mike