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  1. 20 plus years in a dealership with all the Japanese brands and you will notice that the translation from Japanese to English does not always come across the way it should. We had to correct a few every year. Put them in like everyone says correct that manual and ride ride ride
  2. I like the way you think sir ­čśł you are one of us. Back then it said something like no machining/milling of gasket/mating surfaces er sumin close to that.
  3. Triple check the size. As far as i know there were no half sizes in the big bore stuff, only oem.
  4. No it looks to have been sanded. Pull the rings. If yer lucky the number is still there. (If aftermarket)
  5. I think wisco made an HRC replacement at one time. I'll see if i have an old catalog.
  6. Looks like an XL piston to me.The old HRC piston was a domed XL600 sized if memory serves me. Which is dose not lately. But that was an cheap way to do a bb in the old days.
  7. I tried them (US chrome) once because they sent a sales rep to my shop. They gave me a super deal to try them but the R6 cases i sent came back with the crank bearing journals plated . They fixed that but plated the case mating surface. 3rd time they only played the cylinders but they had tiny pits so that was the last time i used them. That was like 2004. You'd think they'd have it down by now. They should have only 45ed the edges. Not gone into your ports. Gona be tough gettin in there to weld that back up. Then bring the port back to spec. Ummmm what a pickle, and you don't want a pickle you just want to ride your motorsickle. (Sorry i had to) !!!(Millennium)!!! Some times you have to wait a while but their work has always been flawless.
  8. Road race bikes. Can't remove metal to raise compression in super sport classes so we 86 the base gasket and when possible we split the head gasket to help get compression where we want it.
  9. Most machine shops can make one and install it. It's just a bronze ring. Just be sure they know not to go below where the ring stops. As for the sleeves leaking. If it leaks it was not installed properly. I have installed hundreds of them with no problems. The other posters are correct about plating cost being almost the same but yours will need welding which will be extra. (last time i sent one anyway.) If pistons are available you can always over bore a sleeve too.
  10. Yamabond 4 Used it for years on supersport engines. It never gets hard but is very tough. Use a very THIN coating and it will not break off and clog oil passages like other sealants. (Key word THIN) At least 95% gets squeezed out anyway and that's what causes problems. Prolly repaired a thousand engines starved of oil because of RTV.
  11. (If the bore is good) just have a detonation ring put in and go. All my 125 and 250 road race bikes either had them or got them at some point.
  12. Thanks, that's what i thought but sometimes thinkin gets me in trouble.
  13. Does it matter if the paint is up or down (or the tight coils up or down) when installing the valve springs?? Thanks
  14. When installing do the tight coils go down or up? They have paint on them too. Sorry for silly question but my manual isn't here yet and and i just plain forget how they were on there. Thanks!!!
  15. Thanks guy's....now i feel better about spending the time to fit it to the bike.