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  1. Foxracer1987

    Clankin noise coming from engine.

    Funny... It's supposed to read CBR1000RR
  2. Foxracer1987

    Clankin noise coming from engine.

    It was $7000
  3. Foxracer1987

    Clankin noise coming from engine.

    I actually got it in Washington. I just moved to Colorado about a month ago.
  4. Foxracer1987

    Clankin noise coming from engine.

    What do those tensioners usually run, price wise?
  5. Foxracer1987

    Clankin noise coming from engine.

    Both... I checked the cam chain, sure enough it's way loose. Do I have to buy a new tensioner, cam chain, or both?
  6. Foxracer1987

    Clankin noise coming from engine.

    Even when I kick through I can kind of hear a noise also.
  7. Hey guys, recently just started my bike and heard a wierd clanking noise coming from it. On the last ride I did, my exhaust pipe disconected halfway and ran for about a half hour. Anyway these two problems could be connected?
  8. Foxracer1987

    Erie, Colorado

    pocket bike... ha... Ill have to check those out, thanks for the help!
  9. Foxracer1987

    Erie, Colorado

    You know of any trails around this area? Offroad type stuff?
  10. Foxracer1987

    Erie, Colorado

    hey guys wha'ts up. I am moving to Erie, Colorado in about 2 weeks. Anyone know any good places to ride that is near by? Any help would be very helpful! Thanks a bunch! -D
  11. Foxracer1987


    Hey guys, im back with another suspension question. I was wondering about how many clicks do most of you use for MX, and how many clicks you use for trails etc...
  12. Foxracer1987

    air filter for X

    Would it be the same as the "R" models?
  13. Foxracer1987

    25hrs of Starvation Ridge.

    Hey guys. Anyone here doing the 25hrs of Starvation Ridge? This is giong to be my first time and I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on how the ride actually works. I am already on a team and have had it explained to me once, but they way he was saying it made no sense and was going to get an input from all your TT'rs!
  14. Foxracer1987

    Were you at Eddieville 10/16?

    That is a way cool picture!
  15. Foxracer1987

    450 to 250--Who has switched and why?

    Sell your 2002 450, and buy a 2005/2006 450. You'll miss the power and regret buying a 250.