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  1. Thanks for the info, I think instead of the 13 front I'll go with a fifteen, or a 14 front and 46 rear combo. After thinking about it a 13 front would make the gearing still to low. thanks for your help
  2. Snoopaloop

    Finally it shows up!!

    Gotta love them KTM's!!!! Yeeeeehhaaaaaa
  3. I've got a 2000 380 EXC, and I was wondering what size sprockets I should use. I was thinking if putting a 48 rear with a 13 counter sprocket, I think this combo, along with 17" front and rear supermoto wheels, would keep 1st gear into play, give me plenty of grunt in second, but also keep my top speed around 100 mph or more. It's a five speed EXC so it's geared already to go in the 100's. Thanks for the help
  4. Snoopaloop

    my 06' 250sx-f issue, HELP please!!

    same here bro, but try what his guy said. I've heard it elsewere to and its supposed to work. Good luck, also instead a honda diaphragm, JDJetting has one to for 17.95, go to their website, JDjetting.com , and their you can go to products, and scroll down and find an accelerator pump diaphragm kit. Just another option for those who aren't honda fans, or work at a KTM shop and have their owners very much dislike honda. Like mine.
  5. Snoopaloop

    my 06' 250sx-f issue, HELP please!!

    Thought sounds reasonable, i'll try it and get back to this forum and tell you how it went. THANKS!
  6. Snoopaloop

    my 06' 250sx-f issue, HELP please!!

    no, I never checked that
  7. Snoopaloop

    best looking 250SXF supermoto

    do ou have a 5 in. wide rear or 4.25 wide? what would you recomend? I ordered a 4.25 in black, but I work at a ktm shop so they probably would let me get a five with out a charge, should i or won't it make a diff? Another question, should i put and race them on my 250f or my 380? Thanks.
  8. Snoopaloop

    my 06' 250sx-f issue, HELP please!!

    I don't know, It was stock, I never touched it, and since I work at the KTM shop i got it from, no one else did either, because I put it together. It even had a green line on the screw and the spring that were lined up, so it was 1 turn out from there. If that elps you.
  9. Here's My problem. I've got an 06' 250 sx-f, and i'm having an issue. Whenever i go from about idle rpm and then put full throttle on, I have no response, and thats in all gears. Heres what I've tried so far. Iv'e put a JD Jetting kit in, which comes with a new main and a new needle. I live in North Dakota so it's a 170 main, and the clip on the needle is 4th from the top. It also has a stock 40 pilot jet. After doing this, still no change (although throttle response everywhere else is much better). Another thing I have tried is , messing with the accelerator pump. I went 1 full turn out from stock, which should make it engage sooner, which it does seem to help, but I still have the same problem. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem, and if so, how they fixed it. I only have 8.5 hours on it, so it really isn't completely broken in. What I thought is maybe a new accelerator pump diaphragam, or cover, would help, or maybe even a bigger pilot, I'm runnin out of ideas . Your help is much needed. Thanks
  10. At the Dealer meeting in Ohio the Tech guys Said 39 HP on the 06'... on the 05' I had heard also 36 HP... so I just went by what they said. But no matter what still the most in the class.
  11. Mike..... ? Not yet.. but eventuelly i'll let im ride it, and he'll tell you about it.... but what I really need is my Question answered...
  12. I put on my pipe before I even Started it.. soo i couldnt tell ya... and It was 2 weeks after the dealer meeting when i got it so I cant remember... but it seems to have power pretty much anywhere.... do what your budget lets ya... either way it's a great bike
  13. Ok.. I went to the KTM dealer meeting in Ohio, and absolutly loved riding all the bikes they have to offer (especially the 250-f) I was told at one of there meetings it had 39 STOCK HORSEPOWER! OMG I had to go wipe when I heard that. Anyway, I bought the SXF and put the FMF Pipe on it, which I pushed and clawed my way through people to get, because when I was at the dealer meeting I got 10% off cost on it, and they only had one there, so whoever got it first, kept it... and its supposed to add 4 PONIES to make it a wopping 43 HP ....so i had to. My old bike was a 2003 Suzuki RM 125, which had a bunch of mods on, It is a great bike with a great powerband and unbeleivable suspension (after it was sent to RG3), but when I got on the KTM the Zuki seemed like a toy, and to my surprise the suspension actually felt nice and plush, considering other KTM's suspensions I've felt. IT's the best bike I've ever ridden due to it's Great power, Cornering ability, Suspension, and how light it feels. I give it a , let's here yur thoughts
  14. This is the first KTM I've ever owned (and the first 4-stroke). The break in on these seems to really suck, because its taking so long. Every time I start it I end up having to start it 3, 4, 5, even 6 times, or sit and play with the choke for 2-5 minutes. Is this normal? I put on the FMF pipe right when I got it, and since I work at a KTM shop(Cycle Hutt) I got it in the crate and put it on the bike before it was started. It kind of pops (not backfires, but pops) when I let off the clutch and it's about at half-throttle. Is this normal either? I'm just wonderin if that's what normally happens or it's just part of break in. Ohh and I also have a JD jetting kit in it. If someone could help me out, please post a message. Thanx