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  1. Contact cyclewizard@aol.com for your XL600r parts.
  2. You might have to add four batteries.....48v's
  3. Sweet......This will help the guys who buy the big block CW motors..
  4. No it's CW camsafts and CW pistons........you can contact him at cwpiston@aol.com
  5. ..................X2...the best cams on the market for the XR's
  6. Brian... your motor is way to fat ya knuckle head..........
  7. You and Brian gang bangin me huh!!!!!! you can come with us when we go out on the town.. your wife will love the pics too.....
  8. Awh giving me some crap huh youngster, if I was 50 years younger I'd take you for a night out at the -----bars and film it and send it to your wife.
  9. NX fifth gear is good for cruzin, the second gear me don't likey, I can't wheelie as far with it.
  10. The gay dudes over there because I like women NOT DUDES... I called em a bunch of fudge packers and it drove em crazy that I don't agree with there gay lifestyle.. Women are so beautiful why would any man not want one or two or a dozen of them:smirk:?
  11. Are you getting one of his hrc cams? Should run pretty dam strong even with the stock oe carb. It will feel like a new bike after all that work.
  12. Sorry voodo, lets stroke it bore it and put the bottle on it..
  13. The motor looks like it's in fine shape, I wouldn't mess with the crank if it's tight. I would do a HC piston some head work and a better cam and call it a day.
  14. I do that when the poo-poo is chasing me, yeah it's real scary doing 100mph down a dirt road at night on the way home from the nudie bar with your lights off and your 3/4's in the bag..:busted:
  15. Sure I can do that for you.