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  1. task08833

    metal in oil

    also check your clutch plates. I had 2 or three broken plates for who knows how long , they usually stay in place but a piece or 2 could come loose.
  2. task08833

    05tc450 bogging?

    do you mean a filter for the overflow hoses?? no I dont. could it be the battery? I have been chging it but im not sure if a strong battery is needed for a good spark. also valve clearance is .0045 intake and .0055 exhaust (cold). only thing left is cdi module and stator.
  3. task08833

    525 using oil?

    hey forum, anyone know of a simple way to determine why my 05 525 is using oil? just started smoking and im thinking either rings or valve seals. Ive never adjusted the valves and they are still in spec so I dont think the seals are worn that much. maybe the oil ring ? it uses oil below the sight glass so Im sure that Im not overfilling. let me know what you think, thanks tom s.
  4. task08833

    Any AP o-ring mod photos?

    which bike is this mod for? 2005 tc450 here with jd kit. is this something new or different?
  5. task08833

    '06 TE radiators vs '07

    these radiators seem to need some sort of radiator brace not a guard. ive had 2 lowspeed crashes and mangled the radiators or at least one on both occaisions. the shroud forces the radiators to bend toward the frame to the point that they twist badly. any thoughts would help. this is getting a little expensive. tom s
  6. task08833

    Recluse clutch for '07 TE 450

    Ive got one on my 05 tc450 and it is cheating however when most of my friends ride it the feedback is mixed. It makes riding a little boring at times cause lets face it real men like to play with the clutch when screwing around and you pretty much miss a little fun. kindof like the difference between an automatic and a stick shift on a car.
  7. task08833

    Grease your headbearings. Part2 The easy way.

    for the amount of time that you may have saved, your better off removing the lower bearing and packing it properly because steering bearings dont spin , they just revolve back and forth 30-40-deg. and the grease will never reach the inside races without spinning . packing also keeps the moisture from attacking the races which will lead to failure. tom
  8. task08833

    05 tc450 oil in airbox

    hey TT, anyone know for sure what it means to have oil in my airbox after riding? has been doing this for about a month and I think maybe a bad oil ring or clogged vent line. maybey valve seal? let me know if anyones had the same problem. thanks tom
  9. task08833

    Whats your bike cleaning/ washing routine?

    wd 40 works great for me. after powerwashing with soap and water I towel dry and then spray everything down with wd40 . avoid the discs grips etc. but spray the engine and all fasteners liberally and they never rust. the engine smokes for a minute or two . wd 40 puts a nice armorall like sheen on everything. you can also wipe off the excess. I also stopped using chainlube with my oring chain. I spray it with wd also and it has looked new all year and havnt had to adjust it more than once. I think that the sticky lubes only attract dust and sand and wear out sprockets faster.
  10. task08833

    tc250 MX exhaust can

    thanks, I found an enduro can for my tc450 last year for $100 so now I have both. My friend is looking for the 250 mx can.
  11. task08833

    JD Jett folks-the O-ring around AP linkage??

    where can I find out about this mod?
  12. task08833

    tc250 MX exhaust can

    is it stock or aftermarket, I only see aftermarket when i looked.
  13. task08833

    tc250 MX exhaust can

    hi, anyone have a MX can for a 2005 tc250 that there looking to sell? thanks tom s
  14. task08833

    2005 Tc 450

    hey, think twice before you take off the e start for mx. yes a little weight but my son has been racing an 05 tc450 all season and does very well on it. the best part is that at least 3-4 times this season he has dumped it in a turn or fell in the mud and has been able to get right up and finish the race without losing many positions. no dnfs this year. I cant tell you how many guys (even pros) stall there bikes and there a bitch to start when hot . (all big 4 strokes) Ive heard that ktm is going e start with there mx line. and ill bet the big four will also in the future. unless your a glutten for punishment. regards, tom
  15. hey whats up? I have a 2005 husqvarna TC450 with JD jetting kit. bike runs great however I am using my TE exhaust can for an upcoming dualsport. do I need to make any jetting adjustments to run the more restrictive exhaust? thanks