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  1. RzDave

    ZipTy Fuel Mixture Screw

    My brother had the tip break in his 400 so I bought a titanium one from http://www.stealthracingtech.com/catalog.htm. Works great -
  2. RzDave

    Brake bleeding

    If you did it in that order it should work. Using that method I close the bleeder before the lever goes all the way down (fluid still coming out).Bleeding brakes on bikes suck in general. I use a Mityvac, they work great.
  3. RzDave

    which tappet/feeler gauge to buy?

  4. RzDave

    which tappet/feeler gauge to buy?

    The Motion Pro's work great.
  5. RzDave

    Forks slid up in Triple Clamps

    Once you clean the goo off the forks, use the factory torque with a little grease on the threads of the bolts and you wont have a problem.
  6. I think my wifes the best because she has bought all my bikes for me. Uh - no pic though.
  7. RzDave

    03 YZ250F Black Plastic

    Scratches show really bad.
  8. RzDave

    04' yz250f hurricane graphics ????

    Had my frame powder coated dark metallic grey and put a black tank on it. I did like the look of the yellow/black seat cover better also.
  9. RzDave


    Not sure I would add any additives to a wet clutch system.
  10. RzDave

    yzf handguards

    I like my Moose guards (bark busters) - I don't use plastics.
  11. RzDave

    sell KTM200exc for WR/YZF? Opinions wanted

    I also fabricated a overflow bottle - easy to do - and added a kickstand to my yzf. I don't really have to clutch mine very much and this is in the east Texas national forest, some pretty tight stuff. I usually run in 1st to 4th gear. Ratios don't seem to be a problem. Not really trying to talk you into a yzf but it works great for me. You need to go riding with someone who has one and swap bikes for a while and check it out for yourself. Overheating is not a problem unless your just going really slow in first-no airflow-. Hope this helps.
  12. RzDave

    Steering nut wrench

    Motion Pro makes one, I have one and it works good.
  13. RzDave

    sell KTM200exc for WR/YZF? Opinions wanted

    My yz250f does great in the woods (fairly tight) with my buddies, but putting around with the family in the tight stuff it might overheat and boil some water out. When I go to the forest I just put on some bark busters and spark arrestor insert(Dr.D) and it's good to go. As far as reliability if you keep your oil changed and don't bounce it off the rev limiter it should give you no problems.