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  1. wd40

    which jets.

    If you care about our sport you will ride quiet. If you have little man syndrome you may feel the need to ride loud.
  2. nice bike. i have a 250x but have had no problems with it, but i have always been anal about maintenance, even on my ktm 200. i really like the power of the ktm better but hate the suspension.
  3. i just think many of the people on these sites don't have their own experience on these bikes and just puke out what they have read somewhere
  4. which of these bikes would you like the best for all around riding on different terrain and conditions, one of the xrs or an x? how would the suspension on the xr compare?
  5. have you ever ridden a 250x?
  6. a 250x and a 250r aren't the same thing