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  1. F350 owner here:prof: Chevy all the way, preferring a 2006 or 2007. It will get better mileage and have less problems than the other two. The 6.0L PowerJoke is a disaster and has Ford sueing Navistar and Navistar sueing Ford over warranty costs said to be close to $600 million last I heard. Ford is also rumored to be working on a in-house diesel for the 2012 model so they can ditch Navistar. Dodge is a great motor wrapped in a below average package. And now Dodge is not Dodge, it's Cerebus, a hedge fund Which brings us back to Chevy. (or GMC, same truck built on the same line in Flint, MI) You get the best transmission, the best interior, and an excellent motor.
  2. Some thoughts: Ford's back is against the wall. If they don't produce they're done. Their new CEO is a Boeing guy and he's probably brought along some people for his new gig. Along with them are new concepts and new ways to measure and benchmark along with higher expectations. They are also getting rid of a lot of the mid-level "crap". Toyota now has the "burden" of high expectations. After reading all the stuff in the media that Toy's are God's gift to drivers everywhere, even a single problem is going to be a rude awakening. That's not what they read. Automotive consumers have high expectations for the complex assembly that the modern auto has become. Bottom line, Ford (and GM for that matter) are objectively making just as good of products as the Japanese. They use products from the same suppliers, the same fastening tools, and the same assembly methods and concepts. Now they have to get that point across to the consumer.
  3. Hopefully nobody believes that Dodge enters stock trucks in any kind of race, especially a high profile race. Now that Cerebus owns them it's not a Dodge anyway, it's a Cerebus Ram. Good luck with your hedge fund truck. Hey, that could be a catchy slogan!
  4. If we're talking GMT900 (the new body style), it's the best half ton out there, bar none. Chevy hit a home run. If you're talking 3/4 ton and up, the '08 Ford Super Duty is a heavier duty truck (overbuilt really) but with the (increased) price of the trucks and taking in to account the price of fuel, the GM HD's are the better choice. My only complaint is not being able to get the bench seat in anything higher than a 1LT.As far as the manual transmission thing, nobody buys them. And with the advent of the 6 speed auto in the next year or so fuel economy will be equal or higher than with the manual.
  5. dmp437

    Dodge 4.7 ???

    Yes, although if you keep it in the flatlands it's passable. MPG will be awlful since it's a 4x4 which sits higher and lets too much air under the truck. If hawkster was getting 12 with a 2WD figure 8-10 with a 4x4. The 4100 pound limit I assume comes from the six speed which is a manual, not from the motor. Dodge transmissions are notoriously weak.
  6. dmp437

    HID Conversions

    I went with relays and SilverStars on the headlights for my SuperDuty along with swapping the fog light bulbs from 9145's (40 watts, opaque tip) to 9005 SilverStar's (60 watts, clear tip). The relays for the headlights are a common conversion for my truck because voltage at the bulb (by the time it goes inside to the headlight switch and back out again) is only about 10.2 volts. The relays hook directly to the battery so bulb voltage is now over 13 when the truck is running or an increase of about 20 percent. Couple that with the 60 watt lamps in the fog housings and the lighting is dramatically improved. All that's left is to cut the jumper that prevents fog lamps and high beams at the same time:thumbsup:
  7. dmp437

    New truck

    Got that right. The new Chevy HD's are so hot they won't lease only outright sales:mad: (I tried Thursday night.)Meanwhile DCX has to rent the Michigan State Fairgrounds to store unsold Rams because they can't give them away, even after single shifting Warren Assembly. Examples out of today's Detroit paper: 2007 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SLT 4x4 $68 a month with $1450 down $128 a month with $0 down $18,988 cash Them's cheap trucks! Get'em now because after Daimler dumps Chrysler it will be a different story.
  8. If they have service receipts it means they can't work on their own bike and need the shop flunkie to do it which can be hit or miss.I would spring for a used one also paying attention to high wear areas as a gauge for how much it has been used. Look for OEM graphics & plastic which is a sure sign it wasn't used much. With as many divorces, job losses/changes, and other factors there are a lot of excellent used bikes available if you wait for the right one.
  9. dmp437

    Selling my 2 stroke

    Anyway, back to the topic... Impossible for us to answer since we don't know you or what you plan to do with it. Start with sitting on both of them and see if one fits better than the other. At the same time check out your local dealers, is one better than the other?
  10. Exactly correct. A month ago there was a componet problem. Five parts were found with minor defects which hadn't been installed yet. Production was stopped, assembled trucks were inspected, and every single piece at all assembly plants were inspected before production resumed. They are sweating the details on the GMT900 and it shows. FTQ is much better on this one than the previous model.
  11. With GM's new 5 year/100,000 mile warranty, I wouldn't worry about it. Hopefully they have bought other people's products and examined the engineering on it. Honda's most excellent 3.5L V6 has the same technology where it shuts down 3 cylinders on the highway. Ford's V10 alternately shuts off half the cylinders in the event of coolant loss to provide a "limp home" mode.In short, I wouldn't have a problem with it. In fact, I'm thinking about the 6.0L version myself.....
  12. I sat in a 1LT a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed. Much better design than the outgoing GMT800's. It has an available Active Fuel Management 6.0L that's supposed to get 19 m.p.g. highway. The truck I sat in was only a 1500 (with the microbox on the back) so I wasn't serious, just curious about the hype. My only complaint is that the front bench (40/20/40) doesn't seem to be available in the 2LT or the LTZ. The front bench not only has storage in the arm rest but also under the seat as well.
  13. dmp437

    brother got new truck

    They had to to get someone to buy it.Seriously, if it is GM's 6.5L turbodiesel the only reason it feels "fast" is because it probably has a 5.13 ring & pinion in it.
  14. Skip the Pontiac and concentrate on a late model Olds. You have a better chance of getting the 3.8L motor (the preferred motor in the Doraville vans) and it will have more stuff on it.Plus that keeps YOU away from any of the used Odysseys in the area:busted:
  15. Fines should be based a rider's ability to pay, say a percentage of total gross yearly income or a fixed amount (for the poor guys) which ever is greater.