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    ttr125 vs. crf150 4 supermoto

    Wow! Thanks for the replies. That is a cool TTR, just what I'm looking for. The reason I want something small is that I MTB ride a lot and for about 10 years I have out semi-slicks on my bike and will ride up fire roads and descend down paved roads in the local mountains. It's a hoot. I pass road bikes, motorcycles, everybody. You can scream downhill on a MTB with slicks. A minitard just seems like the next thing for blasting through the twisties. I'm probably going to go with the crf150. Especially now that it's e-start. So I'm guessing you won't need the stator rewind now? thanks again for all the replies.
  2. Just wondering; I'm gonna buy/make a little turd streetbike. Which one would be better with a dual sport kit and 17" wheels/street tires?