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  1. When i do a double for the first time i aim to over shoot and it works most of the time?
  2. Did suzuki fix the problems they had on the 04 on the 05 rmz 250?
  3. Maybe Willie coyote from the road runner cartoons
  4. those look soo sweet!!!!!Probably cost alot too
  5. are there any advantages/disadvantages for puting a 110/90-19 tire on a 125 for MX
  6. I need to raise the back end on my bike? Do i just need to twist the shock more down the shaft or do i need to get a new shock spring?Its a 99 kx125 and i dont know if thats old enough to have 2 buy a new shock spring
  7. Ive been thinking about getting the pro taper normal size bars but dont know what bend to get???? Any suggestions
  8. Those graphics look sick!!!!!!
  9. Dont think cuz the longer you think about it the better of a chance you will over think it and crash
  10. Looks like fun but i would never buy one
  11. Exactly!
  12. Ya its a repost but still funny
  13. OMG!!!!!!! My sister could beat that guy and she has never ridden a bike before