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  1. NeverWas

    Dr. Mark Allumnus

    ACL revision after botched ACL reconstruction surgery by another ortho. Back riding in around 5 weeks, racing a short time later. My Mother was told by two other doctors that she needed a total knee replacement, Dr Mark fixed her up with outpatient surgery...she couldn't be happier!
  2. I was looking at this as an alternative to the Leatt because my collarbone has been trashed and the Leatt rode right on it and caused constant pain while riding. From the looks of the pictures, it appears that this will ride on the same spot?
  3. NeverWas

    New KLX140 and New KLX250s

    A couple of dealers here say they will have the 140's by the end of NOvember
  4. NeverWas

    Best ACL repair?

    Why take a chance on the dead tissue not coming back to life? I wish I had researched it more before having my first acl repair....i didn't and quit the sport I loved due to the pain and innability to have full function of my leg. I eventually got back into riding and ruptured my acl the first time I put my foot down in a corner. That's when I met Dr Mark. He told me to rehab the hell out of my knee as he wouldn't operate on a stiff knee. we scheduled the surgery for a monday and we went riding the sunday before. Back to racing in 3 months and haven't looked back since. Bottom line...if you plan to keep on riding, don't take that chance and use a bone to bone graft from your own body....and if you want it to be done by the best, come see Dr Mark!
  5. Send him my report....just black out the parts about the hammer/crowbar to remove the hardware the butcher put in there
  6. NeverWas

    Shameless Plug for Dr Mark.

    Dr Mark is the man, I plan my riding/racing schedule around his schedule. He's met me at the ER on weekends and all hours of the night. What other doctor gives his cell number to ALL his patients and returns phone calls and emails while he's vacationing in other countries. I saw Jeff Dement at the track riding 10 DAYS after his shoulder surgery. I will not see another doctor unless I'm in no shape to make that decision.
  7. NeverWas

    ACL reconstruction surgery!?

    Dr Mark did my surgery (revision from a previous allograft) so he followed my old scar, I had some loss of feeling but it has come back. I'm curious why they put one of those restrictive braces on your leg? I was working on movement and range of motion from the moment I woke up (not my choice, Dr Mark was standing there barking orders like a drill sgt) Never wore a brace, never used crutches (had a meniscus repair also) get aggressive on your rehab, mainly motion and strength and ditch that brace so you can sleep and work the knee properly. I was back working 5 days post op and riding again in a couple of months. Don't be scared to hurt it, it's strong and getting full extension and flexion is important to your rehab. Good luck, be back to normal in no time at all
  8. NeverWas

    11 wks clavicle still broken

    I now wish I would have let Doc fix mine instead of waiting 4 months for it to heal, it hurts constantly and I'm certain it's not healed on the end where it overlaps...I can still feel it move. I fell really hard on it last sunday and thought I had finished it off but it started feeling better so I'll see how it feels sunday. I hate surgery and hospitals with a passion but I wish I had gotten this fixed right. Oh well as Doc says...won't be long and he'll be fixing it and my other shoulder at the same time.
  9. Here is a video of Ivan training at a local track...getting ready after his shoulder injury. I take no credit for the video, just passing it on. http://www.threepalmsesp.com/Videos3.html
  10. NeverWas

    Townley hurt again

    Depending on his pain tolerance and the degree of seperation, he should only be out 2-3 weeks
  11. NeverWas

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    Were you taking asprin? I had a crash and bruise on my thigh...it blew up as big as a football and hurt worse than my broken collarbone for weeks. Dr Mark chased me around his office with a syringe as big as a knitting needle. He didn't catch me and it went down on it's own after a few weeks (I still have a hole at the point of impact and my thigh/hip is still numb months later)
  12. NeverWas

    Riding makes it feel better (piriformis)

    I have the same problem...bulging disc is causing it. The more I ride, the less problems I have with it. When I was riding a couple of times a week, I never felt any pain. Now that it's down to once maybe once every two weeks the pain is back. I've found that driving certain cars/trucks make it flare up the worst (in the car business) I cannot drive a chevy/gmc truck for even one day with out extreme pain. Dodge truck is the same but I drove a 02 F150 last weekend and no pain at all. CAn't drive most smaller cars but can drive my Saturn Vue with no problems at all. I feel for you....I guess my advice would be to ride more and buy a Saturn
  13. NeverWas

    Yet another knee Question

    Don't know what you did, but when I tore my ACL, I rode right up until the day before I had my surgery. I wore my brace to give me a little stability....Doc Sanders and I rode sunday and he fixed me up on monday.
  14. NeverWas

    OK, Now What Dr. Mark

    Don't tell, but some were riding sooner
  15. NeverWas

    Weight bearing ACL

    My decision to use Dr Mark was based exactly the same as Don O's, I had already had a failed ACL surgery by one of the local "super sports Otho's" that did all the pro athletes in town... he used the cadaver graft and it failed the first time it had minimal stress put on it. The reason it failed is because it never fully vascularized in my body as is often the case when using a hamstring or cadaver graft. The patella graft uses your own tendon and your own bone grafts and takes to your body much faster and more predictably being that it is yours to start with. Dr Mark has met me at the ER on multiple occasions in the middle of the night (night races) and on Sundays when I injure my self at the track. No question is ever too stupid and he always answers his cell or calls back quickly if he's tied up... no other doctor I've met has that bed side manner. Some "super sports ortho" here in town wanted to do a complete knee replacement on my aging Mom, took her to Dr Mark and he had her walking the same day of the surgery with her own knee. He calls 'em like he sees 'em and doesn't sugar coat anything.