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    Gonzaga Bay ride

    Guys, anyone have much experience staying at Gonzaga Bay? I'd like to run a short trip when it gets cooler going Santa Veronica-San Felipe-Gonzaga Bay and back. From what I gather Alfonsina's is pretty much it for accomodations down there so I'm just curious about whether it's fairly decent and typical rates to expect. Also is the new Pemex station open now or is it still a matter of buying gas from the market there. Thanks a lot
  2. Brett92129

    baja question

    Gas will be pretty scarce south of El Rosario. You will find it Catavina, but not again until Villa Jesus Maria/Guerro Negro. The Pemex at the turnoff to LA Bay has been closed for many moons, but there are usually locals there with 55 gal drums in pickups eager to sell. Really cannot vouch for gas along the coast for that span except possibly through locals. The above mentioned map/GPS sources are good. Something else that's fun is checking out Google Earth Satellite images along that route. There are some really clear images and some not so much, but you can get an idea about many of the trails/dirt roads before your on them. Wherever you place your curser will reveal very accurate GPS coordinates at the bottom of the screen so by using that in combination with a map like the Baja Almanac you can plug some solid numbers into the GPS. Sounds like a fun trip though, but maybe a tad warm at that time. Have fun.
  3. Brett92129

    CR High Bend Pro Tapers - 6'2'' tall?

    This is a good set-up and exactly what I use. I'm 6" and would actually like a bit more height for stand up riding so you should have no worries at all about it being too tall. Anything is better than the ultra low stock setup.
  4. Brett92129


    Cigarette, I owned a '96 KLX650R for about 6 years and was pretty happy with it for the kind of riding I do, which is mostly open desert, fire roads, baja etc. It was mostly stock with the exception of jetting and a White Bros exhaust. The bike was an absolute joy to start for a kicker, 2-3 kicks after not riding for a month, but I also drained the tank/carb after each ride so the gas was always fresh. It is a very good open terrain bike, and surprisingly for being one heavy mo fo, it was an absolute rocket in sand washes (with the right tires) and stable, but in the turns, not so much fun. Suspensioni is workable, but obviously no where near state of the art and the bike is stone reliable. Yes it has shims, which complicates valve adjustment, but fortunately does not fall out of adjustment as quickly as a single cam bike. To compare this to my current XR, I would say that the KLX would give the XR a run for it's money in the engine department as it does make really nice power. But virtually everywhere else the big XR is superior, with a much lighter feel and better center of mass even though both are almost exactly the same weight. To me, the XR feels like a much smaller and nimbler bike than the KLX even though they are almost identical in weight and most people consider the XR big and bulky. For reference, I'm 6' and about 185 and an intermediate rider. Depending on the type of riding your looking at doing, it's a solid bike. Just don't have visions of putting it on a track and having fun. Good luck