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  1. BlueBayou

    Securing a Dual Sport XR650R

    Wouldn't that be entrapment?
  2. BlueBayou

    THOUGHTS? Will this Graphic work?

    You could probably trim it a little bit with a razor if it doesn't fit the same.
  3. I have a xr650r and have almost completed dual sporting it, BUT I have several wires running into the rear tail light and blinkers that are just hanging down a few inches under the rear fender. These wires are not going to survive very long when I start riding it, so I need some idea on how to secure them.
  4. BlueBayou


    As for powerline maps, just go to you nearest Barnes&Noble and pick up a state atlas.
  5. BlueBayou

    2006 Baja 1000 ?

    Rough estimates that I've heard for Dakar- Bike- $50k Car- $200k
  6. BlueBayou

    over filled the oil & blew out the crank seal!

    out of curiousity, what year is your BRP? I too have had the oil soaked filter, however that was the dealer that overfilled it the first time.
  7. BlueBayou

    uncorking...the saga continues.

    Maybe this info will help somebody diagnose my problem getting the bike started- when i went to start after changes, i found it way too easy to kick over. Before, i would lightly kick until i met resistance, pull the decompression lever, then get it a good solid kick and start it right up. After changes i tried to start the thing about 30 times and almost never had to pull the decompression lever, because i could kick all the way through, and when i woulld encounter resistance, it was not substantial and could kick through it.
  8. BlueBayou

    uncorking...the saga continues.

    I'm really going to hope this is my problem with the throttle. Not this. Any ideas on the clutch?
  9. Ugh... weekend is over, and my bike will not start. If you read my other thread you know i had a terrible time with a stripped screw in the carb. At this point the bike is all back together assembled properly(maybe), and it will not start descriptions of the problems are as follows- 1.- the throttle doesnt feel as "snappy" as before, maybe i need to adjust one way or the other but i tried both and it just doesnt feel quite right. Suggestions? 2.- if i pull in the clutch and put it in any gear then try to roll the bike it feels as if it is in gear. ??? Now it didnt start up either. I did take the spark arrestor off completely because i didn't feel like drilling it out(this was taking forever, i must have been doing something wrong) I'm frustrated and at loss and trying to build up a game plan for next weekend as im out of time to tool on the thing. Any help is appreciated.
  10. BlueBayou

    Damn. Stripped a screw in my carb...help.

    Finally got that bitch out with needle nose vice and regular vice clamped on the needle nose with mucho liquid wrench->quite the contraption. I'll post pics of the screw, it's about as mangled as I can imagine. Thanks for the help guys.
  11. http://www.d2gfilm.com/home/ go to downloads/wallpapers... they have two
  12. Enjoying my saturday, cleaned my boat, started uncorking the pig...and halfway through disaster struck. I just removed the top cover of the carb on my way to removing that screw on the linkage so i could pull out the slide to install the new needle, well that screw on the linkage stripped So here I am with a disassembled bike, I'd like to get it back together ASAP. Any tips on getting that screw out and putting another screw in? Also any tips on drilling out the exhaust? I am using a 2" hole with my drill and using oil, but it's taking a while.
  13. BlueBayou

    Insurance costs

    02 650R in Louisiana progressive full coverage- $385/yr
  14. BlueBayou

    Need for Speed?

    I was right around 90 truly stock-> still corked but nobody leaves them that way.
  15. BlueBayou

    XR650 or CRF450X

    Don't forget the cost. Nothing but graphics on the 650R has changed between 02-06. so... even if you are looking for a new one, buy an older model year that sitting in a dealership somewhere. So if you spend -$4000-4400 on a new 650R you will have plenty of money left around for mods before you even reach the price of a 450X. That combined with the reasons stated in above posts- My choice-650R