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  1. No one knows Baja like BBM, no one! Logistically and overall planning, plus don't even think about trying to keep up with Tim if he pours it on. Ehall, it is unbelievable how far they have come in 10 years. Rode out to the desert bar in Parker on utv trails, pretty awesome riding really.
  2. Arizona seems to be the utv capitol of the world these days. Recently saw about 1 quad to around 100 utv units.
  3. Saw whales in gn in feb.
  4. Wow! That's quality
  5. I saw a photo today that reminded me that maybe Tim and Jen could take quads on a tour, call him.
  6. Larry, you need one of those new fangled racks
  7. I think Tim rides a lot of single track, quads could be interesting
  8. Presto logs from Walmart work well. No smoke
  9. Haha, I believe that he did
  10. My buddy submerged his bike in a pond up there once! Started 1st kick after we dewatered it
  11. I was like 12, but I thought it was on the hwy toward Florence
  12. Be careful of tinted lenes in the dark.budget well for tacos.
  13. Had to go through this in cowlitz county last year at the transfer station. They make you hire an independent, then if it shows no asbestos, go ahead and dump! Cowlitz transfer used to be real cheap if you were a resident of the county, not no more!
  14. And when you least expect it.