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    Vettes and bikes

    Who want's Ohlins? I do, I do.

    SCREW the IDIOTS on Ebay, I talked with Craig and have mine on order! Looking forward to upgrading my 2000S DRZ!

    Spent my money now wondering...advice please

    If you don't have to re-jet, there is little to no power increase. Making power takes air/fuel so, a increase in power would require re-jetting!

    Sea Level on carbs?

    You have to visit Colorado to understand. I highly reccomend a day in Leadville, CO to learn what O2 depravation is about (My wife's family has property in Crested Butte and it's just about as bad.) Eddie probably even has to re-jet for Leadville area riding (Heh Heh!)

    ARRESTED on my SM!!!

    Many years ago, I left work PO'd and was going about 78-85MPH on 280 Freeway in SF, CA. Looked in my mirrors and saw CHP about 3/4 mile behind with the OH S**TS! on (accelerating from an onramp onto the freeway.) I pulled over, removed my helment and waited for him to arrive. SOB wrote me for speed in excess of 100MPH (Calif VC32100-B as I recall.) I had to go to court and arrived with the completed DMV paperwork of the sale of my Honda 500 Intercrasher for the judge to see (I was waiting for my Suzuki RG500 Gamma to arrive from Canada.) Judge was surprised that my driving record was clean, and made me pay $500 fine and go to traffic school Level2 with all the stupid DUI idiots (16 hours of listening to idiots whine about being STUPID.) After I left the courtroom, I saw the officer in the hall, my conversation: I hear all the time about the CHP complaing about Motorcycles trying to outrun them and making for dangerous high speed pursits, I guess you had quite a prize to show your squadroom buddies when you went in after your shift but, think about this; I think I was royally SCREWED by you in both speed estimation and courtroom testimony (yes, I'm sure you were doing 100+MPH to catch up with me but, I WASN"T!) Just rememeber this, your being a AS**OLE to me, has helped me decide what to do the next time. I could have made it to the next SF city street exit and ditched your car easily and I'm am more inclined to do so if the situation ever arises again! I am also letting evryone of my MC friends know how bad the Golden Gate DIvision of the CHP is at speed estimation as you never paced me while I was riding, I was already pulled over when you arrived. CHP officers response: well it is your decision to do what you want but mine to decide whether to throw you in jail. My response back to him, that won't be possible for you to do on the bike I am buying, it's much faster than the one I just sold! I had my RG500 for about 6 months before selling it and lived in fear of getting nailed every time the 4 ATAC exhast valves snapped open at 7000RPM and the front wheel clawed skyward while the back tire spun! God I miss my RG500, on of the best bikes I ever owned. I think the cop screwed you over if you pulled over and waitied but, I hope everything turns out OK for you. I do wheelies but, only on privrate property as most cops fail to understand the joy of a wheelie.

    Zip-Ty vs Keintech

    Call me stupid but, which is the Zip Tie? One is aluminum and the other appears to be stainless steel. One appers to have a tapered needle and the other relativley straight. I'm guessing the red aluminum one is the Zip Tie. Thanks for the information, bike shops around here are somewhat clueless and I don't want to buy a P.O.S. I have had enough of them in my time. Thanks for the information ahead of time.

    $35 walmart battery. Brilliant or 'tarded?

    I'm thinking about trying an Odyessy PC310 even though they run over $100. The other Odyssey batteries I have run love neglect and have lasted years even when allowed to discharge for extended periods of time. The PC 310 might fit our DRZs.

    Motard a drz......how much money?

    Do a search for hooligan mod on this forum for a DRZS with Katana 17" wheels on it. I bought a set of Kat wheels for under $150 shipped to me off Ebay and when time allows, I am going to get these fitted onto my DRZ 400S along with my RM front forks. The Kat wheels will allow you to run tubeless tires but will weigh a little more than the spoked Motard wheels. I would rather run the cast wheels.

    which air filter???

    I agree! I know of a DRZ that was diagnosed with timing chain tensioner failure by some EXPERT mechanic but, was in fact a loose piston caused by wear from dirt entering the intake tract. The bike was fixed with a 440 kit and Twin Air filter. Not a fan of K&N on a DRZ.

    More Smog Removal Crap

    Hose running down from fuel tank is for closed fuel vent on gas tank the valve is probably a fuel seperator/check valve to prevent liquid fuel from entering emission cannister at rear frame rail but, I could be wrong. Remove the hose and route it towards the bottom of the frame. You would do this for "off road use" only of course!

    O/T: so what do the Drz'ers drive?

    Present "cage' when not driving my company Astro Van, 2004 VW R32 Golf that is presently faster than the DRZ in the 1/4 mile. Waiting to install 440 kit and see if it can beat 13.87@101MPH of the VW. My other ride, when my wife lets me drive it: 405HPZ06 Vette and a GMC 1/2T bike hauler. Project in the garage, 1970 LT-1 Vette roadster a REAL 370HP LT-1 Vette!

    Backfire eliminator: remove?

    Try some air filter material for a forced air heater at the Hardware store or Automotive type filter media. I'm jealous of your riding opprotunities. My wife grew up on Midway and went to UH so we return from time to time, good riding to you.

    DIY CF for DRZ

    Looks good you may want to sell some to us untalented people. Nice work on the side panel and fender, I'm in if you start to sell.

    Pt 2 Cdi Test w/ graphs

    Can someone clarify for me the difference between the 027 and 028 "dirt" CDI units do both of them have 10.5K rev limiter or am I wasting my time changing out my S CDI for a 028 Version? Thanks, Eric Brandt

    Trans Am Trail DRZ400E or S?

    I can't report on my DRZ400S yet but, in the mid 1990's I took a DR350S and 250S from the SF Bay Area of Calif where I live to my In-Law's cabin in Crested Butte Colorado (9500Ft elevation.) The bike ran fine all month long while we were there ONLY because I had bought a set of Mikuni carbs from Sudco withthe plans of installing and re-jetting them when we arrived. The carbs were about $160 each backthen, looking at the prices of FCR Keihins at $600+ puts the costs into modern day prospective. The DRZ400S performs well with a "re-jet" 3X3 air box "mod" and new pipe and the CV carb on all the DRZ400S and later DRZ400E bikes won't be as altitude sensitive as the FCR Keihin of the early DRZ400E models based on my DR350 expiriences.
  15. I have a chance to get a 2000 RM125 shock for cheap and need to know if this will work on my year 2000 DRZ400S model. I also want to know who makes triple clamps for the 2000 RM forks for a DRZ, it seems the RM ones will slow the steering down from what I have read on TT. Thanks for the help, Eric B.