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  1. bentaxle

    1979 Yamaha TT500

    Rut Roh Teledan just eliminated one of my excuses for not getting things done. Awesome! Thanks. Some of the TT pics on the aforementioned link's pages are incredible. Today, rainy and cold; did not feel like spending any time out in the man cave working on the bike. Think I'll opt for sitting by the fire with a good book. Ok, so I over state my reality: No fire, no book. Guess a candle, a computer screen for a hearth, and a Hayne's TT/XT PDF will have to suffice. thanks again lar bentaxle I got some readin to do...
  2. bentaxle

    1979 Yamaha TT500

    Today's festivities included Checking the oil level cold. Just below the bottom of the "F" She did not start up on the usual 1-2 kicks. Maybe 8-10, but did start.... Not to bad on the smoke Rode around a little bit, warmed her up, didn't seem to miss as much, and, wished like heck could have extended the trip. Shut her off, and what do you know: oil level above the top of the F. So, should I change the thread title to "Sumper Talk" Anyway, I digress I assume the aforementioned implies the need to change the oil sump ball and seal? And, before shutting her down, thought I was listening to tappet noise.... I read somewhere, adjusting the valves on these can be, or should be, done more frequently than the manual suggests? In other words, is the noise an indication the valves should be adjusted in the not to distant future? Did not open the points cover to check the advancer. Do my best to get that done tomorrow. Speaking of that... Got a little confused between Stevo, and BruceD's comments re: the advancer plate. I understand the rotater either moves 20 degrees back and forth, or it doesnt. If it doesn't move, what then? I hate not having a manual thanks again for the info and comps lar bentaxle
  3. bentaxle

    1979 Yamaha TT500

    Thanks for more info. Aside from the miss and crop dusting, she is in pretty good condition. The internals of the headlight are all busted up, the tail light lens is missing. Just ordered a kickstand spring off ebay. It is frustrating trying to hold the bike up while bending to attach the PO"s supplied bungee chord. The seat cover is almost toast. I say almost, because there is enough of the original material left for patterns to fabricate a new one. Tank has a few dents. Obviously, the aforementioned is only cosmetic and has very little to do with how it runs. I have yet to give her a bath. Been hesitant to take her to the car wash and blast high pressure water on what could be a marginal wiring harness. Nor have I cleaned the carbs, or tank internals. Have yet to procure a manual. Hesitant to do to much without one. Anyone have any luck with the digi versions available? Stevo, I will check the "points plate" and adjust accordingly. Oddly, when cleaning the points, had a sense, something was remiss there; Dare I call it zen.... As things are, will probably be attacking the simple stuff first anyway. Thanks again another view
  4. bentaxle

    1979 Yamaha TT500

    In digging deeper on the net, I believe it is a 77. Thanks for the info, hope to get some work done on her soon.
  5. bentaxle

    1979 tt500 need a muffler

    Not sure how cheeep your looking for If shipping is within the realm of possibility you might try this denver cl listing. http://denver.craigslist.org/mcy/2638705347.html Spoke to the guy on the phone a couple of days ago, sounds like he has quite a few parts... might be worth looking into lar bentaxle
  6. bentaxle

    1979 Yamaha TT500

    So, my neighbor buys this bike at a yard sale. But, it's not the bike he really wants. So, I end up with it..... At first, couldn't get her to start. Thank God for Google and documented starting procedures.... Follow the procedure, starts right off.... amazing! Most of the time, she fires right off. First or second kick, tops. Sometimes smokes quite a bit, then calms down, sometimes no smoke. However, somewhere in the mid-upper rpms of third, she starts missing....badly. In some ways that's ok, its about the same time I run out of usable dirt or the road I aint supposed to be on! Have yet to hit forth, Today, fired her up, but failed to warm her up, ran about fifty yards, and quit. Would not start. Checked points, cleaned and reset, checked plug / spark, cleaned and reset. Cleaned airbox and filter. NO GO, Wont start. Finally started again after really, really cleaning plug of all residue. Smoked a little, settled down,, Ran smoother.... but again, hit third gear, get near half throttle and the miss appears. After this, let her sit for awhile, four or five hours, started right up but smoked just like I'd thrown a bunch of sea-foam in her..... Should mention, spoke to the prior owner this evening, sounds like the bike has sat more over the last two years (the time he owned it) than anything else. Would like to keep her and lean her toward the XT side for round a bout road use. Ideas on the miss, the smoke? Any and all help greatly appreciated lar bent axle btw, will try to get some pics up tomorrow. thanks
  7. bentaxle

    Front alignment questions

    So there I was...on the camping trip from hell, tooling along with my 93 DR350s on a public road in the Buffalo Creek Wilderness area. Up ahead I spy a mini van traveling slow enough to beg a quick pass. No sooner than I get to his rear quarter panel I see his left blinker flash and the guy turns right (actually left) in front of me, with nowhere to go but down, my poor bike takes the brunt of the mis-hap. BTW, I did get to experience a brief moment of aerobatic flight! Upon inspection, the clutch handle, left mirror, and left rear signal is broke, handlebars slightly bent and the front tire pointing in a new direction. Managed to pull the tire into closer alignment with the knee jerk method; but it still doesn't look / feel right. I looked the Clymer manual over and can't seem to find a method for establishing correct front end alignment. I've talked to two different service reps. The first said, "loosen up the triple clamps and eyeball the front end into straight." The second seemed eager to take my money. His advice: bring it in, we'll charge you an hour to tell you something more than likely is bent, and we'll go from there. (this is the same rep who managed to inflate a firm over the phone quote for a carb clean and tank kreem a hundred bucks when it was time to pay the bill). I am mechanically inclined, but this project intimidates me. Any suggestions on determining if things are actually bent and how to line it all up so she rides strait and true again? Thanks