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  1. I had the exact same problem with my 16 450fx. Cleaned fuel filter still had the same issue. Replaced the fuel pump and it runs great again all day.
  2. Cut the corner off the flange. I used silicon tape to support the wire. Use the brake disc bolt with the magnet in the head
  3. I will get you a picture on Sunday. I called Trail Tech and they sent me a picture.
  4. I'm having the exact same problem. Raised the forks, changed the sag, fiddled with the clickers nothing works. Next is to change tire, Dunlops are paper thin and have never worked for me. I have always used the Bridgstone M59 up front with great results on all my other bikes. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    Not what I was expecting
    Not what I was expecting
  6. What a great post thanks for sharing.
  7. I'm having similar issues with one of my ttr125le's. If you drain the oil then lay the bike down on it's left side you can remove the clutch cover with out pulling the engine. Once you have the cover off you will be able to see the segment gear and shift shaft assembly for changing and holding gears. If you see a problem you can remove the shift lever off the shaft, remove the clutch and then remove the shift shaft assembly without digging more into the engine. With an impact you can change the segment gear It's not difficult. If you determine the problem is a shift fork then the engine needs to be pulled and broke down accordingly. I have a new shift shaft assembly on order which I believe is my problem. I will let you know. Good Luck Casey
  8. Reconnect the gray wire will help.
  9. I now own a set of spokes and nipples for a 16" rear wheel. If somebody needs one let me know.
  10. I had the cadaver method done by a well respected surgeon in Boise. After two years my knee has never returned to normal. Go with Dr. Sanders.
  11. I put YZ cams in a WR250 last year and they gave it a huge hit up top. It was similar to a two stroke when you get on the pipe. For dunes and desert racing it will give you what you want. My two cents.
  12. Here is a great buyers guide. If you look up each year and click the MotorcycleUSA Review button they explain that years changes. http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/11/Motorcycles/Buyers-Guide.aspx
  13. I just put a 13/51 on my 07 and it has worked out perfect for Idaho single track. My 2 cents.
  14. The yz cam is on the right. The timing makes the exhaust open later. I did not make any changes to the jetting.