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    Dakar jetting, What do you think?

    Well Im not very used to English and carbs.... I'm surprised...normally it's a bike used in Dakar 2001 by a spanish rider, Antonio Ramos, nearly 45 years old and more or less 10 dakar's!!!!! I don't know if he have reached dakar this Year...but he usually arrives. I think we will put a correct needle an som more gas for idle, is there a relation beetween idle jet and low air jet? I' ve seen around 45/100 it's better? Many thanks for your answers!!!! I'used to Ktm but not too much to suzuki Jetting...well not too much differente as it's the same carb.
  2. campero2000

    Dakar jetting, What do you think?

    We have bought a littel suzuki 400 that have made the rallye dakar in 2001!!!!!! and still alive..... we are taking apart to clean and fix some problems but I have here the jetting used with an opened exhaust: What do you think about this rare needle? and is this pilot/idle jet enough? main air jet 200 Idle air jet 60 OBDXP needle 4º pos from top Main jet 155 Low jet 65 Pilot jet 45 Fuel screw 2 1/4 turns out Pump diafragm 055
  3. Thank you for your answer, I will try OBDMN and OBDTM...If I can find them. Thanks
  4. By restricted I want to say the original one for having something like a green sticker. Well, I've been searching around and normally the restricted ones are OBD'V'?, with a very large distance from the top. (good top end but very poor medium) The 2 other needles you told me are richer than OBDTR, we asume that the D is ok? (45º at the point) So I have to decide if I want a shorter one and how thick is it. I have been reading specs for 525exc six days (non restriction) and they put the OBDTN (only a bit thiner). I suppose that if this OK for the 525, it must be OK for my stock 400 exc. Am I right or do you suggest me to go for a OBDMN? My altitude is 0..... Thanks for your reply!!!!!!
  5. Hello from Spain, I've been looking around the 39 FCR on my 400 exc 2004 and it have an OBDTR needle, it was in the 6th position from the top. Is that a restricted needle? It was in the 6th pos for being less restrictive? My jetting at 0 meters is main: 178, idle: 42, OBDTR 6th. Any suggestion? Many thanks