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    What is a good price for a used DR?

    Thanks for all of the replies. I'm glad to see that this is a pretty active forum. I'm sure I can learn a lot here. The bike has a new battery in it. I looked in the tank and didn't see any rust (but I can't see the entire inside). The chain does have some rust on it, is it expensive to replace? I have been looking for a bike around here for a couple weeks with no luck. This bike is really nice, so I don't mind paying top dollar for it, but I don't want to get screwed either. Is there anywhere else I should look for bikes for sale? thanks again Dustin
  2. dkeers

    What is a good price for a used DR?

    Hi, I'm a new member that will probably be around more oftern if I buy this bike . My boss has a '96 DR350xx (It has electric start and is street legal if that helps on the exact model). It has less than 500 miles, is stock and in nearly new condition. He said he would sell it to me, but didn't know what to ask. Nada says average retail is ~$1500 (low retail ~$1100, no mention of high retail). I thought that was low so I was going to offer $2300-$2500, does that sound about right? There are probably not many '96 bikes left that are this new, so I don't know how much "book" value applies. Also, is there any reason I should stay away from this particular year/model? Thanks in advance Dustin Keers