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  1. My 150r....
  2. Nope, they will not fit. The axles sizes are different. The front would fit if you swapped out the bearings as spacers, but the rear would not.
  3. The shocks are different in the way they mount. The body of the shocks look almost identical but the bottom mount is different and they are different lenghts. I do have both
  4. They have them in 420, just purchased a few several weeks ago. Give them a call.
  5. No, they are different
  6. Looks like Josh Hayes bike is for sale Josh Hayes Bike I've seen it, it's nice
  7. I just picked up 2 hubs from my local honda dealer, no problem
  8. Spent a while this weekend swaping stuff to see what works and what does not... Front end will swap, forks, tripple clamps etc. If you use CR85 forks, you need to use the CR85 front wheel because of the large axle size on the 150. Out back, more bad news, NOTHING swaps. While the CR85 swing arm bolts up, the linkage is different, so it will not work. The shock has a different mount on the bottom so a CR85 shock will not bolt in to the 150 swing arm. Rear hub is larger due to the wider swing arm and the axle size is bigger so it will not swap. So pretty much just the front end, that's about it. The project just got more expensive.
  9. I'm dropping off my plastics at FactoryBacking tomorrow, so they should have them in a week or so.
  10. Going thru this right now as we have a supermoto setup for the 85 and want to re-use a bunch of stuff if possible. We've put the bikes side-by-side and so far.... The suspension swaps,but the axle size is larger on the 150, so if you swap out forks, you'll need either wheels or a modified fork. Triple clamps swap, not totally sure if the offset is 100% the same or not. Looks like the rear wheel swaps, but you'll also need the CR85 swing arm as well. Footpegs should swap as well I'll know more later this week.
  11. Yeah, same old tricks from Champion. Best part is I started walking away, he then starts up with the hey wait let me see what I can do. 20 minutes later he's trying to convice me that no dealer in Socal will sell these below 5k. I even brought my quote from LA Cycle to show him the price. And I was going to buy 2 of them.
  12. Watch out for Champion in Newport. They'll tell you they'll deal on the phone, but he would not budge off of 5200 OTD. Total waist of a trip.
  13. You should also measure your fork tubes. I was going to do this but I also had to bore out my tripple clamps as well.
  14. Here both of mine... BBR 175 Supermotos's BBR Frames EO 175 kit CR85 suspension Pro-Taper Bars Acerbis Plastic and Handguards Brembo Master Cyls Steel Braided Lines 17' wheels EBC 320mm Brake Rotors 125 GP Slicks 428 Chain Applied Tripple clamps Factory Backing graphics http:\\\pictures\bikes\BBR51.jpg http:\\\pictures\bikes\BBRfront.jpg http:\\\pictures\bikes\BBRside2.jpg
  15. Not sure if it's exactly 1 inch, but you need to drill a new hole on the bottom mount point on the shock. Do a search on this site and I think you can find the exact measurements. You may also have to notch the frame at the top point so the shock does not make contact with it (at least I did). Other than that it's pretty easy. Make sure you swap out the spring. I have an extra one if you want to get one cheap. I think I may have an extra shock (cr80) lying around as well.