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  1. gabbe

    Fuel tank

    Hello.how many liters is 1.9 gallon? I have a big competition this weekend in sweden.Last year I didnt had to go to the pit for refilling the tank when I riding my suzuki 450.I bought the crf450r last weekend and hasnt tryed how long you can make it for one tank.The race is 2 ours long.do anybody now if the honda drinks more than the suzuki.//Gabbe
  2. gabbe

    Aprilia RXV 450

    Okay,thanks.Now I now little more about the diffrents.It feels like im going to buy the KTM because they always deliver the spareparts quickly.The only thing I dont like with KTM is the radiaters.So small and easy to get overheated when there`s really muddy.At the Aprilia you get a radiaterfan in standard.
  3. gabbe

    Aprilia RXV 450

    Hello.I have raced mx for 8 years but now I will turn over to enduro racing.I looking for a KTM exc 450 or a Aprilia RXV 450.Could somebody who knows a little bit more then me give me little information about the RXV-problems,good,bad,service,expensive,diffrence between 07-08...? Thanks from Sweden.
  4. gabbe

    cr250-00 manual?

    Thx man!
  5. gabbe

    cr250-00 manual?

    Somebody who knows a site where I can found the manual and pictures of the gearbox at a honda cr250-00?
  6. gabbe

    Quick answer please!

  7. gabbe

    Quick answer please!

    So should it be oil there?
  8. gabbe

    Quick answer please!

    I was checking the walves today but when i removed the crankshaft bolt oil ran out.What to do?
  9. gabbe

    Pastrana´s seat?

    OK!Than I will try to just add some more foam to the back!It shouldnt be that hard I think.
  10. gabbe

    Pastrana´s seat?

    Okey!I saw that both Pastrana and Carmichael has a a seat whos lower at the front.I understand that Ricky use that seat because of his height,but Pastrana?Hes tall like me and I think hes riding with a higher rocket.Wouldnt the ridingstile be a little strange than.I was thinking of buying a higher seat.
  11. gabbe

    Whats the problem?

    Thanks!I´ve drained it every 5 h,but maybe I should take 2 h interval plus checking the level after every ride.
  12. gabbe

    Whats the problem?

    I was changing the transmission/engineoil on my rmz-450-06;and I only getting 800 ml out of it.It stands that I should fill it with 1500 ml.Wy does it not coming out 1500 ml?I did warm up the bike before changing,and I also removed the oilfilter.What could it be?
  13. gabbe

    Any problems shifting?

    Whats specific about the maxima oil?Is it the viscosity.I dont really think Maxima Oil is better then the motorex?