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  1. Hello.how many liters is 1.9 gallon? I have a big competition this weekend in sweden.Last year I didnt had to go to the pit for refilling the tank when I riding my suzuki 450.I bought the crf450r last weekend and hasnt tryed how long you can make it for one tank.The race is 2 ours long.do anybody now if the honda drinks more than the suzuki.//Gabbe
  2. Okay,thanks.Now I now little more about the diffrents.It feels like im going to buy the KTM because they always deliver the spareparts quickly.The only thing I dont like with KTM is the radiaters.So small and easy to get overheated when there`s really muddy.At the Aprilia you get a radiaterfan in standard.
  3. Hello.I have raced mx for 8 years but now I will turn over to enduro racing.I looking for a KTM exc 450 or a Aprilia RXV 450.Could somebody who knows a little bit more then me give me little information about the RXV-problems,good,bad,service,expensive,diffrence between 07-08...? Thanks from Sweden.
  4. Thx man!
  5. Somebody who knows a site where I can found the manual and pictures of the gearbox at a honda cr250-00?
  6. Oki!Thx!
  7. So should it be oil there?
  8. I was checking the walves today but when i removed the crankshaft bolt oil ran out.What to do?
  9. OK!Than I will try to just add some more foam to the back!It shouldnt be that hard I think.
  10. Okey!I saw that both Pastrana and Carmichael has a a seat whos lower at the front.I understand that Ricky use that seat because of his height,but Pastrana?Hes tall like me and I think hes riding with a higher rocket.Wouldnt the ridingstile be a little strange than.I was thinking of buying a higher seat.
  11. Thanks!I´ve drained it every 5 h,but maybe I should take 2 h interval plus checking the level after every ride.
  12. I was changing the transmission/engineoil on my rmz-450-06;and I only getting 800 ml out of it.It stands that I should fill it with 1500 ml.Wy does it not coming out 1500 ml?I did warm up the bike before changing,and I also removed the oilfilter.What could it be?
  13. Whats specific about the maxima oil?Is it the viscosity.I dont really think Maxima Oil is better then the motorex?