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  1. Swede68

    Lifetime of TE250 ?

    Talked to the importer in Sweden, he has so far not sold any replacement pistons or valves to the TE250-05's, the only thing he mentioned was the crankshaftbearings on the TC, but they run +1000 rpm's higher. He says +100 hours of enduro riding are a no problems at all, but off course it's in his interest. So It might be a good idea to check this after 50 hours or so. But with house, kids and wife dragging money from my pockets I cant afford to have a serious brakedown on a 4-stroke, a brakedown off a 2-stroke are way cheaper. The handling, suspension and ability to stick to the lines are brilliant on the Husky, lets hope they prove reliable as well, cos they are worth it. Anyhow, keep puttin in your experiences on this forum, I think we all can learn as the miles pass on by.
  2. Swede68

    Lifetime of TE250 ?

    That's the answer I was afraid off, but deep down inside know is true. If you ride a 4-stroke, no matter displacement or make, I think that it's best to sell every 50 hours or so and get a new one and let the poor bastard who bought it second-hand handle the problems that will arrive. Less maintenence my ass... Going back to proven technology and Castrol TTS !!!
  3. Swede68

    Lifetime of TE250 ?

    Thanks for the answers, if someone has done +100 hours, please let us know what we can expect. I like the handling and broad powerband of the Te250 and I hope it is as reliable as everyone says.
  4. Swede68

    Lifetime of TE250 ?

    How many hours have you been riding these bikes without any mayor repair, such as valve job, new piston and rings etc ? Please inform also about what kind off riding you've been doing, trail, mx, or just farting around looking good...