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  1. quads rule thx for posting nice pics.
  2. yamaha kawi
  3. ..................................?
  4. ok your just showin off. lol j/k real nice pics
  5. sx tracks are suppose to be technical if they spread um out anymore they will be indoor mx tracks
  6. so I'm assuming if RC goes down its a crappy track? Help me out here.
  7. i thought i heard here awhile back that two strokes will still be produced but after 07 they won't recieve anymore upgrades.
  8. what the heck aw man I woulda reached for my 9.
  9. but we all know that never happens
  10. a-star tech 8's
  11. oh snap!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I must say my uncles e series on his 426 is loud it is very loud.
  13. I'm with you lol
  14. Go bubba all the way to vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. nice bike. wow I just caught sight of the price tag