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  1. Does anyone know of a place that sells complete stock bar setups? I have a big bar kit on now, but need a complete stock setup with throttle and cable. If anyone knows of a place or has one they want to sell please PM me. I'm trying to put the 50 back to stock so my little ones can get an early start on riding.
  2. Trbotime

    will only run with choke on

    Go buy a new one, probably be easier then cleaning it. I tried to clean mine and ended up giving up and went and bought a new one.
  3. Trbotime

    Stator Kit on 05 450r

    The one for the x model is different all around. From the way it bolts on to the amount of poles to the plugs. It will not work!
  4. Trbotime

    same oil in tranny and engine?

    I used rotella in my CRF450 and the wifes CRF250 and when we would stop riding it would smell like burnt oil. It wasn't leaking and there was no residue left over from changing the oil. Other then that the oil seemed to be fine, just didn't like the smell. I have never had that happen when running motul. Ever happen to anyone else, get a burnt oil smell?
  5. Trbotime

    bang for the buck

    I haven't been around here in a while, is everyone over the AP mod. is it not a good idea?
  6. Trbotime

    YZ426 Sand in Carb?

    Thanks again Gray!
  7. Trbotime

    YZ426 Sand in Carb?

    First off thanks for the response. What tube is it that sucks in the sand, the one going into the bowl? So what would be the best way to stop it from sucking in sand? Redirect it or put a filter of some sort on it? Sounds like the carb may be sucking in sand and then clogging up the pilot jet making it run poorly on the bottom. Sorry I'm so ignorant, I'm a honda guy and am only used to valve issues, not sand sucking issues. J/K no issues for me w/ valves.... Yet???
  8. Trbotime

    YZ426 Sand in Carb?

    Ummm from the title it looks like it is a YZ426, yeah an 2001 YZ426!
  9. Trbotime

    YZ426 Sand in Carb?

    Any ideas on how sand can continually get into the bowl of the carb? The filter has no tears, the intake boots are are good and there is no sand in tanks. Can the carb create a vacuum effect when the bike is running? Problem I am having is the bike will pop at idle and when you crack the throttle, then it will run badly until you get mid range in the RPM's. I'll be riding the bike and it will run good up top then when I let off the throttle the bike dies out. Anyone have any ideas on what this could be? I have changed almost all the gaskets and grommets in the carb, so I'm at a loss here. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Trbotime

    what other spokes for Warp 9 wheel??

    Call Warp 9 and tell them what happened. The same thing happened to my rear wheel, about 1 season on it in the dunes and then the first trip out, 11 of the spoke heads in the hub were broken. I called them up and they installed new larger spokes, he said they were Buchanan's. Was very reasonable too. They are definitely a larger diameter spoke.
  11. Trbotime

    Head Gasket and Overheating...

    Where did you guys go to? I'll be at the mad house this weekend, Glamis. The dunes are a good time, everyone should go at least once.
  12. Trbotime

    Difficult decision about going to Glamis

    Take the 08. I have about 35 hour on my 06 and about 25-30 hours are in the sand. Never have had a single problem with it. Checked the valves for the first time at hour 33 and all are perfect. Just be smart when you ride and the bike will be fine.
  13. Trbotime

    making my 450r have lights...

    CRF450X parts will not work on the R model. You need to either rewind your stock stator or get an aftermarket stator, add a high output flywheel and then you can run a 55 watt halogen light. That will be the best most reliable setup you can get on a R model. Call Baja Designs, that is what they do. Or you can contact the TT store, they will be able to help as well.
  14. Trbotime

    shroud bolt stripped in gas tank!

    Yes, one of mine is too!
  15. Trbotime

    valve adjustment cost?

    I just adjusted the valves on a friends bike over the weekend and it was easy. Much easier then it looks in the manual. I'll never pay to have it done!