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  1. klmmicro

    Is your thumper loud or quiet poll

    I like my thumper quiet so that I attract less attention when cruising around the trail I frequent. People are already looking for reasons to officially shut most of the state off from OHV's, making all sorts of racket is just giving them ammunition. For street riding, I have to agree that louder does help get you noticed, but there are already too many HD riders causing police in my area to issue tickets. Quiet is it for me.
  2. klmmicro

    Tail light not working -

    The fuse did end up blown. I must have shorted it when I was trying to wiggle the light and whala. I am heading out to NAPA tomorrow to buy a metal 1157 type socket for a complete rebuild of the reflector. The way Acerbis did their version of the part just plain sucks. Thanks for the suggestions and help!
  3. klmmicro

    Tail light not working -

    The ground seems to be working fine. I tried to run a ground direct to the frame, no luck in that direction. There is no voltage running to the bulb at all. I will check switches in the morning. How is the light wired to the ignition?
  4. klmmicro

    Tail light not working -

    The running and brake light have stopped working on my 2006 L. I have an Acerbis Dual Sport assembly on the back and it is working fine when I hook it directly to the battery, so I am not faulting that part of it. I pulled out my multimeter and checked the lines from the front all the way up to under the seat where they connect to the rear assembly. Ground is good, but I get resistence instead of voltage on the running light. I also get resistence and no voltage when I hit the break levers. Traced the wires and they seem to be okay with no rubbed out spots and they do not appear to be grounding. Any thoughts on what I am missing?
  5. klmmicro

    Registering in Ca

    I thought it was chenged to 365 days at about the same time they raised the fees a few years back. I would call the DMV's 800 number and ask them. Tell them you bought the bike over three months ago from an out fo state party and that you have not used it since purchase. They can tell you what the fees will be, but you will have to go into a DMV office to actually register. You can try the "Fee Calculator" also: https://vrir.dmv.ca.gov/FeeCalculatorWeb/index.jsp Matt (hey, you stole my name!!! )
  6. klmmicro

    Front fork torque specs -

    Dang, I could not help myself and clicked "view post". Maybe you will learn something here, and I enjoyed the teenager take on mechanicing. As to your post: just how tight was that? How would you measure your "just as tight as they were"? I am a mechanic. I can usually hand tighten things pretty close to a spec, but in order to know "how tight they were before", I have to know how tight they were before. Torque specs are written to tell me how tight that was, and a torque wrench is used so I know I am actually getting things "that tight". Know your specs and use the right tool to get things into spec. There is a reason that the engineers created those specs.' Now, back to the block-hole!
  7. klmmicro

    Front fork torque specs -

    Thanks for the numbers. He just raised the tubes about an inch in the tree is all. When he went to tighten them down he called me to ask for the specs...hehehe, I had no idea.
  8. klmmicro

    Front fork torque specs -

    My friend loosened the triple clamps on his XR650L to lower it and is wondering what the torque specs are for the clamping the fork tubes. Anyone care to share the numbers?
  9. klmmicro

    Can Motos Save The World?

    I ride everyday down here in Socal. There is no room left on the roads for my car, so the Honda gets used always. I talk to people at work and they complain about fuel prices and traffic...what are those? I have a perpetual smile on my face from the adventures I have on the way to work. As someone pointed out though, the more bikes that are on the road (mostly harleys with straight pipes on them here) the more scrutiny by the state govs. Now there are as many emmissions restrictions here in Cal as there are for cars. 2007 they are talking a requirement to bring your bike to a smog station every couple of years. More riders is okay, but too many and the restrictive legislatures start getting out of hand. Ride free!
  10. klmmicro

    11/12 at Corral Canyon

    Have to agree about the great riding out in CC Saturday! We came down Kearnan cycle trail and it was still moist from Friday's showers. I wanted to work back up it again, but two of our group said NO WAY!
  11. klmmicro

    BLM B.S. Once again.........

    Sounds like he was trying to get a quota filled with his ticket book. BLM and F&G are all a bunch of whack jobs as far as I am concerned. Good luck getting him thrown out, hope there will be one less a$$ out there bugging campers.
  12. klmmicro

    Xr650l Hp

    So does anyone know the stock output of the 650L? If 2 HP is a 5% increase, then is it 40 HP?
  13. No oil idling? I know they are tough engines...but that is a bit excessive in testing "bulletproof" J/K Siting at idle as a break in is not going to wear everything in very effectively. When he finally gets to a point where he rides it, he will have a virgin transmission still, and the rings will probably have not set in very well.
  14. klmmicro

    Insurance costs

    I keep thinking that the "R" in any bikes name is what gets it pegged for the higher insutrance cost. The difference between my CB700 and a CBR600 is over $200 for minimal insurance. I wonder if the same thing is happening between the L's and the R's. xrstamm, it might be worth trying to simply tell them it is a 650 regardless of which one it is.
  15. klmmicro

    Insurance costs

    I paid $475 for a full year of full coverage. I financed my L and the leinholder requires mass amounts of collision. I am covered through Progressive and my Nighthawk only cost $120 per year. It figures that once I am free and clear of finance companiues that basic insurance should be no more than $150 per year with a major carrier provided you have a clean DMV report.