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  1. Yosimite Sam

    what bike did your DRZ replace ?

    Klr-650 2000
  2. Yosimite Sam

    anybody ride in the snow?

    I road in the snow christmas day of 1976 when it snowed 8" a rare event in North Texas. Deep snow was a bitch, but it test your skills and it is fun when you are a teenager. Have fun.
  3. Yosimite Sam

    how hard is it to install new sprockets?

    Give yourself an hour and a half, and you will need an extra set of hands when putting the back wheel back on because of the disc brakes. Good luck. Make sure you got a 30mm socket before you start, most people don't have them, like me until I attempted to change the front sprocket. Good luck, and enjoy the snow riding.
  4. Yosimite Sam

    Free 16 tooth Spocket

    The sprocket has been spoken for, sorry for those who wanted it that didn't get it. The taker was a guy my age who I had to talk to previously. The old man got it. I don't know how to delete a topic and the moderators can delete this one now if they would be so kind.
  5. Yosimite Sam

    Free 16 tooth Spocket

    Free 16 tooth sprocket for anyone who wants it, I ordered it and it won't fit without taking off or modifying the guard. Anyone who is in the Ft worth area gets first dibs, they can come by and get it. Anyone outside the area who wants it, has to get shipping taken care of first. PM me, or you can also reach me at ru4cowboys@yahoo.com
  6. Yosimite Sam

    metal clacking noise when i give it throttle?

    Don't do that to your bike, I'll put my stock bike up against any 3X3 Mod. Take it from an oldtimer.
  7. Yosimite Sam

    metal clacking noise when i give it throttle?

    The same thing happens to mine, I bought some octane boost and it stopped. They have a 11.5:1 compression ratio. Use at least 89 octane.
  8. Yosimite Sam

    16 tooth countershaft sprocket?

    You can only get it after market. And the only place I found I could order one was from Cycle Gear. They said I got the last one that was already manufactured, and to get another one it would take 4 weeks on special order. But it was pretty substandard, they had to include a bushing that goes between the sprocket and the crankcase to offset it for fit. It was flat, and the orginal sprocket is thicker at the center.
  9. Yosimite Sam

    16 tooth countershaft sprocket?

    I tried it two weeks ago IT WILL NOT FIT AS IS! I cussed it three ways to Sunday for waisting my freaking time. I even had to go out and buy the 30mm socket. Man I was mad. I would of had to remove the rubber guard and modified it. I am not going to change the engineering of my bike. I got the 400 S. Hope that settles this matter.
  10. Yosimite Sam

    Place to put stuff

    I keep all my stuff in my backpack.
  11. Yosimite Sam


    "Pfft - I could do that with my eyes closed." I'd close mine too.
  12. Yosimite Sam

    Beware of synthetic oil.

    I stole it from a friend, I thought it was damn funny!
  13. Yosimite Sam

    Beware of synthetic oil.

    Beware of synthetic oil! It can do terrible things to you and your beloved Motorcycle. It will not only leak out of your engine faster than you can put it in, but it will also cause your oil filter to clog and implode, dumping debris and dirt into your lubrication system. It also will make every part of your bike permanently slippery because of its linear molecular chain dispersion action. Then it will leak onto your kickstand causing it to retract automatically, dropping your bike on the ground! But that's not all... Synthetic oil will round off your gears and spin your bearings. It will also splatter onto your seat causing your girlfriend to fall off in the apex of a turn and she'll never ride with you again. Synthetic oil coats your sight window with a whitish pro-mulsification additive that is both non-removable and highly corrosive. Synthetic oil will completely leak onto the ground overnight and your dog will drink it and die. Synthetic oil will wear out your tires and make your battery leak. It will give you the desperate need to urinate after you put your full leathers on and then jam your zippers shut. It will contaminate your gasoline causing your bike to stall on railroad tracks and accelerate uncontrollably near police cars. It will make it rain during rallies and on weekends. It will lubricate your timing chain causing it to jump teeth and break your valves to bits. Synthetic oil chemically weakens valves and causes the clearances to change every six miles. Then it melts the black soles of your riding boots night before you walk across your new carpeting. While riding past groups of attractive women it will cause both of your handlebar grips to slip off at the same time so you smash your windscreen with the bridge of your nose. It also causes your swing arm to crack, your studs to break, and your rotors to warp, and then it voids your warranty by changing your odometer reading to 66,666. It also dries out your wet clutch and wets your dry clutch. It makes your clutch slave cylinder seal fail in the heaviest traffic on the hottest day of the year while putting an angry wasp in your helmet for good measure. Synthetic oil hides your 12mm socket and puts superglue on your earplugs. Synthetic oil will scratch your face shield and make your gloves shrink two sizes night before track day. Synthetic oil stole your neutral and sold it to the Chinese for $1.25. Synthetic oil will make you grow a tail. Synthetic oil will write long crazy e-mails to your Internet friends and then sign your name at the bottom!
  14. Yosimite Sam

    Looking for some advice on clothing

    I need something to wear that will keep me warm on a cool fall morning on the way to work, then will fit in my back pack on the way home. I'm thinking a sweat shirt. Any other ideas?
  15. Yosimite Sam

    Changing my front sprocket tommorow.

    But tell me for sure before I take the trip, is the crescent wrench out?