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  1. RMac

    going back to stock exhaust?

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
  2. The previous owner of my E put a Yosh slip on and had the bike jetted. I have no complaints about the power but think it's just a bit too loud for woods riding (wanna keep the natives happy), so I'm considering replacing it with the stock E exhaust can. Will this negatively effect the power and jetting?
  3. RMac

    Dual Star Speed Bleeders

    I have some and they work fine so far. I read of some guys' concerns that if the little ball valve thingy failed you be up shit creek. I also read about these Motion Pro deals: http://www.motionpro.com/motorcycle/tools/hydraulic_brake_bleeder/ so I used that on my street bike. Works just as good as the speed bleeders and no worries about the valve failing.
  4. RMac

    clarke tank on an E

    When I was shopping for a tank Clarke told me their tank would not fit on an E. I bought the Acerbis.
  5. RMac

    E to Street

    I got lucky and scored a never installed Baja Designs kit from another TT user. FWIW it was simple to install and looks decent. Was nice having all the bits in one package raher than putting it together piecemeal. Durability has been fine so far after lot's of offroad bashing.
  6. RMac

    Went down, no feel from the Dunlops...

    I had a similar thing happen but I was on the stock E Dunlop 756 non-dot knobbies that were about 4 years old and hard as brick. No warning, just slam and I'm skidding along the road. Here's where the bike ended up:
  7. RMac

    Went down, no feel from the Dunlops...

    Hopefully not for the "coroners".
  8. RMac

    Stock pipe fit ???

    I'm looking for a stock pipe to put on my "E" model. Will the stock "S" or "SM" pipe fit and bolt up? Thanks, R
  9. RMac

    Slip on v full system v stock

    I bought my E model used with a Yosh slip on. PLenty of power for me and my skill set but that pipe was wayyyy too loud for me. I installed the 95db quiet core but it's still loud as hell. So my question is if as you guys say the slip on is a waste in terms of boosting power, would I be better off going back to a stock pipe for the quiet?
  10. http://www.promotobillet.com/shop/item.asp?itemid=35
  11. RMac

    torque settings?

    The bolts are definitely 'wrist" tight, about 10 + ft lb.s using my crappy torque wrench, so I'm afraid you're right about the shaft seal. Damnit. I found the excellent rtv fix thread, but dealer is closed and I'm supposed to leave on a three day dual sport trip tomorrow am. The amont of fluid leaking is very small so I'm debating going ahead on the trip and keeping an eye on the leak and coolant level. Any reason that's a bad idea? Thanks again for the advice. BTW, I realize nowthat I've searched a little this topic is just shy of "what tires?" "What Oil?" My apologies.
  12. RMac

    torque settings?

    I started leaking a small bit of coolant from the bottom of my water pump. I'm thinking (hoping) it might be a simple matter of tightening the bolts, but I can't find any guidelines for torqueing them. Does anybody know? Thanks.
  13. RMac

    Changing tires

    Just found this thread and thought I would pass on this link. Guy seems to know what he's doing: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50717&highlight=tires+cheap
  14. RMac

    The Showcase your DRZ thread

    A dual sported E in it's natural habitat. Yellow w/ rattle can primer grey.
  15. RMac

    Installing Unabiker Rad Guards

    I had Flatland Racing rad guards mounted and they worked fine, until I mounted an Acerbis 4.25 gallon tank. Right side was fine (in fact it's still mounted) but the left was a problem. Contacted Unabiker and after a conversation w/ Brian (who is indeed a helpful guy) was convinced they would work but with modifications. Then the fun began. Ended up butchering them to the point that they offer very little protection from a direct side impact. However the larger tank itself offfers enough protection that I went with it. But am planning on removing them and doing a beefier mod on the Flatland. I'll have the Unabikers for sale, albeit in slightly modified form, soon. here's some pics in the meantime: left side, front half of rad guard mounted: with back half of guard cut to fit around tank, still need more grinding: After shaving more metal it fits: As I said, it fits but does press the hose in to the radiator and with all the cutting I had to do offers not much support. I have an idea I think will work and have an appointment enxt week with a guy who welds aluminum, will report back in the results. Cheers, R BTW, the right hand side Flatland guard fits perfect and is beefy as hell. I like it.