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  1. lomax

    Jetting Help

    Well alrighty then. I tore into the carb this evening and found it has a 60 pilot and a 155 main jet. Everything was nice and clean buy I cleaned it up again just for grins. As the jetting guide that I have says that stock should be a 62/155 and opened up should be a 68/155 and I was at 4 turns on the idle mixture, I think I will try a 62 or maybe a 65. I know they are jetted way lean stock so riding it at 5000 - 1000 I think I will try the 65 first and see what happens. If that gives me less than 2 turns on the idle mixture then I will try the 62. Now for the loaded question. How many turns does changing the pilot jet get you? Cheers. Marc
  2. lomax

    Steering damper Q's

    I also vote for the Scotts Damper. Here is a place to get a good deal on one. http://www.hyperformanceparts.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=194_665_523&products_id=10877 Cheers. Marc
  3. lomax

    Hello - New Member Intro - My 05 R1 Pics

    Nice looking bike you got there. Congratulations. I guess I will just have to stick with my old beater bike. You must be right that it does not have all those goodies on it. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b327/lomaxcm/DUCDUCDUC.jpg Be Safe. Marc
  4. lomax

    gearing question for yz 250

    skipn8tr is correct. In order to gear the bike up (faster top speed) you would want more teeth on the front sprocket and/or fewer teeth on the rear. 1 tooth in front is about equal to 3 1/2 teeth in the rear. What I would do is put a 15 on the front and try that. You should not have to change the chain by going 1 up in the front. That will also give you an idea of what the change to the gearing will do. If you still want more top speed then go down a few teeth in the rear. You will quickly reach a point of diminishing returns if you get it geared to high that the engine runs out of power. Best of luck. Marc
  5. Malcolm Smith and Roger DeCoster. Some of us are dating ourselves here aren't we? Ride Safe. Marc
  6. lomax

    Looking for trail riding buddies in CO

    Bummer I did not even think of this last Sunday. Here is what I did anyway I headed south from Broomfield about 10:00 this morning and stopped for gas at Sadalia. I then took a break at the Sprucewood Inn for the delicacy of burgers and hot chocolate. I then headed down highway 67 to the Noodle trail number 677a. On my map at home this is a beginner trail but on the map I got in Sprucewood it is supposed to be a Most Difficult trail What can you believe? I ran up it for about 2 miles and then decided, Hey Me, I am out here all alone and probably should not die here, I actually had no troubles with the trail at all. I turned around and headed back down to Platte River road. Then it was time to go North back up to highway 287 and then the back roads back to Broomfield via Evergreen and Rocky Flats. Total trip was 153 miles and total milage was 58 MPG. Not to bad for an old thumper. The KLR seemed to just run better the more I pounded on it. I will have to admit that this big/little bike grows on you. Here is proof that I actually rode. The Sprucewood Inn. I did not need a reservation. Along the South Platte Road. There is some neat country down there. As you can see I am mostly about DS riding but would like to do some trails also. Ride Safe. Marc
  7. lomax

    Looking for trail riding buddies in CO

    I may be late but just saw your post. I picked up a KLR650 a few weeks ago and am also getting back into dirt riding. I got the KLR as it is OK on the road and OK on the dirt but really wanted the DRZ like you have but could not find a good price on one. Oh Well. I am 52 so I am kind of in the middle between you and your dad. I live up in Broomfield. If you are doing any DS rides and would allow a tag along let me know. I also am a trail rider and not racer. If I want to scare myself to death that is what the Ducati is for. Ride Safe. Marc
  8. lomax

    Klr 650 Mpg

    I just picked up a 2004 in bone stock trim and ran a tank through it today. It got right at 60 MPG and most of today was on the highway at 50 to 70 mph. I am 175 lbs and the bike has 2700 miles on it. Only the 650 BMW I used to have got better mileage. Ride Safe. Marc
  9. lomax

    More DRZ questions from a stupid newby

    Oh I enjoy the 998S and the Harley and the R1150GS and the FJR1300 and the, OH never mind, I just want something I can ride in the dirt with my Nephew and still be able to ride it up to the cabin and back. Thanks for all the good advise so far. How much do I spend? What do I want? why am I so wishy-washy? Cheers. Marc
  10. lomax

    More DRZ questions from a stupid newby

    I am seeing the recommendation for an 02 or later S. Is this just because of the upgraded suspension or are their other big differences? If buying the 2000 S model saves me $3k I could use some of it to do some upgrades. Or is this just a waste of good money and go for a newer one? My choices, as it stand right now are a new DRZ400S for $5800, A 2000 DRZ400S with 3500 miles for $2900, or a 2002 DRZ400E already street legal for $3400 (mileage unknown as it does not have a speedo). Bruised and Confused. Marc
  11. I basically have myself convinced that a DRZ400 is the bike for me. I want a 80% off road 20% on road (read 100 mile at 60 - 70 mph and survive ) bike. I have been leaning toward the DRZ400S as it is already street legal. Some one just told me, and I think he know what he is talking about, that the E and SM are great bikes but the S is not so good for off road. Can anyone shed some light on this and give me a comparison. i realize that both of these might need different tires for my use. I also found a real nice 2000 DRZ400S here locally for under $3K. It has 3500 miles on it and everything appears to be in great condition. Is this a good price and are these miles anything to worry about? How would this compare to a new one other than being 1/2 the price? Cheers. Marc
  12. My Ducati 998S gets about 40 mpg on the track and 54 mpg on the street. It is low maintenance and cheap to insure. You should get one. Well at least I am telling the truth about the gas mileage. Ride Safe. Marc
  13. lomax

    Best Dual Sport

    Thanks for all the comments and the education. I think I will just go out and ride them all and see what screams out "BuyMe". Then it is off to the dirt without the trailer and the YZ can go on the Craig list. Thanks again. Marc
  14. I know I will probably open a can of worms here but you have never steered me wrong in the past. I am thinking about getting a dual sport to do more trail riding than my R1150GS is capable of. Here is my situation. I'm 5'10", 170 lbs in Colorado and want a bike that is decent on the trails and yet can handle 50 to 100 miles of pavement in between. My main purpose is trail riding but I also want something that will get me down the road without being a hinderance at 60 or 70 mph. My conisderations are as follows. Honda XR650L, big, heavy, not a lot of fuel. Kawasaki KLR650, big, heavy, lots of gas. Suzuki DR650SE, big, heavy, fair amount of gas. Yamaha WR250/450, light, not much gas, will need Baja kit or similar. I would love to hear from those of you that actually own and ride these bikes and why you chose the one you did. I am also open to other ideas. Oh yea if you have one of these and want to work a trade on a newly rebuilt 1990 YZ250WR screamer I have a deal for you. Cheers. Marc