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    Just some pics of the Marzocchi 50mm Shivers

    Fork Yeah!!!!!!
  2. jonesti

    drz400sm need can a 160 tire fit?

    I've used the Maxxis Presa SL1 160 slicks on my DRZ-SM. No chain interference, in fact it kept the same width as the stock Dunlop but raised the circumf. which in turn raised my rear ride hieght. But every tire is different and some 160's will rub. Make sure and measure your old and new tires and compensate for the difference if you like your current suspension settings.
  3. This is my first post on TT, but I have been lurking here for awhile! It's a repost from Supermotojunkie but here ya go. Finally hit the track w/ 2 friends Monday. We had 2 drz's and an R1. MSR/Cresson is a 1.7mile, 11turn(6 off camber), 3 straightaway road course. It's a super technical course, escpecially the rattlesnake section. LSTD has a 3 level A-expert, B-intermediate, c-beginner setup. We went with B since the DRZ makes a whopping 32bhps and on the 600's you can hit 135mph on the straights, we would have been roadblocks. Let's just say w/ our anemic 400 thumpers we smoked the shit out of the sportbikes. This was the best trackday!! It wasn't till the final session that I got passed, and it was by 2 instructors and 2 experts that got into our group. As a bonus Suzuki's AMA Superbike rider Ben Spies was there with some friends. They sat on the fence checking us out. My buddy on the R1 overheard them asking one of the owners of LSTD who we were and that we were moving real good on the TARDS!! Talk about putting a smile on your face! The pics are pirated but will try to get better ones.