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  1. pullatrain

    spark arrestor

    I have what might be a stupid question. I have a slip on supertrapp on my xr500r and i don't know if it is a spark arrestor. we are going to plan the trip to hatfeild/mccoy and just want to make sure i'm not illegal there first.
  2. pullatrain

    KX100 Spark Arrestor?

    what is considered a spark arrestor? is a supertrapp legal?
  3. pullatrain

    iowa harescramble series

    http://www.iera22.com/maps/all_races.htm some of the ones one here are for both but there are just bikes too.
  4. pullatrain

    vacation thoughts

    as far as i know you don't have to be a member to ride but you do have to be with one to get in and ride, we've had some problems with some asses tearing stuff up. We go there all the time, if you come this way send me a message and i'll get a couple of the guys together and play! last i knew it was a $10 pass for the day
  5. pullatrain

    vacation thoughts

    i talked to a friend of mine that lives just down the road (bfe) from heartland and like coleman said it's more of a hunting lodge but said that there are some trails. The hotel situation might be a prob not sure if they would let you ride if you didn't stay there but not sure the closest towns of size would be jerseyville il. and hanibal mo. The place we ride at here in Ft Madison Ia. is usually empty for the most part and is around 400 acers most of the trails have four wheeler ruts but that really doesn't seem to bother me and the kids much, but then again we don't know any better lol.
  6. pullatrain

    vacation thoughts

    where is walters ranch? i've read that in a few posts
  7. pullatrain

    vacation thoughts

    by the way we live in south east tip of iowa.
  8. pullatrain

    vacation thoughts

    hey, i'm trying to plan a vacation with the wife and kids to do a little riding, and the only place i can seem to come up with is hatfeild-mccoy. I would really like to find something a little closer to home if possible as this will be our first trip like this and have only riden at our local park. any ideas?
  9. pullatrain

    Need some help

    sorry dude never heard it before.
  10. pullatrain


    who makes cam's for and 84 xr 500? My dealer can't get one. Are there aftermarket companys? If so who are they?
  11. pullatrain

    smokin like crazy

    since i have the engine apart are there some things that need to be replaced? I found that the cam has a worn lobe and bad rocker. The piston doesn't look like it was worn and the cylinder wall didn't have a ridge (I'm sure that doesn't mean much but might be help full info on my description). other than that everything looks to be in great shape. Do i need to replace all of the rockers or just the bad one, I plan on replacing them all but if there isn't any need it would save on the cost. Is there any place that is better than another to buy the parts bikebandit etc. thanks guys.
  12. pullatrain

    smokin like crazy

    no one has any tips, suggestions or hints?
  13. pullatrain

    smokin like crazy

    Hey guys I'm in need of you're vast knowledge. I have an 84 xr500r (in my service manual it shows mainly the same engine as the 600) and the last time i went riding it started smoking. It has smoked on start up since i have owned the bike ( i figured it has worn valve seals) and while going downhill but it will block out the sun when i as soon as i touch the throttle. It hasn't lost any power but used a half quart of oil in the two hours that i was out. What gives? Is this a common problem with air cooled engines? I'm guessing that i have worn the rings out and it's time for a new piston and rings but i would like to know if there are other things to check first. I have checked to make sure that the vent is clear.