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  1. Thanks, that was us, as 990 ADV, 800 and 1200GS. The box was on the 800. We rode to the Bunker, found it was missing there. Rode to Randsburg for lunch and to maybe find a tie down strap. Then backtracked our GPS track looking for the box. No joy, but we figured he (the 800) probably lost it in the first set of whoops we hit near that campsite. The owner knows about your find and will be in touch. Thanks for finding and saving it!
  2. rstrauss3

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    I'd like to join you this Sunday for the Gorman ride. Intermediate rider on a WR250R. I was in Kennedy Meadows last weekend for 2 days of riding, want to keep the ball rolling CalCity next weekend sounds great to and I was already planning to go out there. Looking forward meeting new folks!
  3. Hi, I've bent my stock chain guard/block/the part that's on the back of the swingarm which the chain passes through. I need to hook up a replacement ASAP as I have an 8 day trip to UT planned next week and the OEM part won't be here until the 10th. I've seen a carbon one here on http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/shop/1/18/index.shtml"]Wheeling Cycle Supply and am looking for other option...billet blue would be cool...before I have something sent 2-day. Thanks in advance for your help! Rich
  4. Hi, I'm looking at a WR250R in CA that's registered and titled in Oregon. It will need to pass a CA emissions inspection, or at least have the right stuff on the bike, to pass and be registered in California. Does anyone know if a non-CA RR is CA legal? Is there a specific digit on the VIN I should look for? Smog canister or something? Thanks in advance! Rich
  5. rstrauss3

    Stripped gas tank/petcock

    Hi, Sure enough, I've stripped the plastic that the petcock screws screw into on my stock tank. I have a Clarke, my get rid of it for an IMS, but in the meantime I like the look and feel of the stock tank...but I can't use it cuz I'm stripped it. I don't mind mounting the petcock permanently to the tank via adhesive or something and getting another petcock when I get an IMS. Any solutions?
  6. rstrauss3

    Help with '07 TE450 valves

    Howdy, Brain is locked right now for some reason. I need to know how to find top dead center so I can check valve clearance. From the shop manual: "engage second gear and, moving the vehicle forwards and backwards, bring the piston to Top Dead Center (in this condition, the mark on the cylinder head is aligned with the two marks on the idle gear of the camshafts, as shown in the figure)" Now, I see the mark on the cylinder head. But I see two marks on the idle gear of the camshaft. One of these marks has two "dots" on it, the other just has one dot. My questions: 1. Which of these marks (the one with two dots or with one) on the gear do I align with the mark on the cylinder head? 2. Do I check all the valves at once in this one mark-to-mark alignment, or do I go to a different alignment? Thanks. I have everything taken apart, shims in a bag and on the way to the shop and am now over-thinking things, I think. Thanks! Rich
  7. rstrauss3

    Need license plate mount for TE450

    Great! Thanks for the help!
  8. I ripped my plate off yesterday on a hill while the bike was napping and I was spinning it around to lift it. I didn't notice until much later in the ride and didn't have time to go back and retrieve it. Anyway, the cheesy tail/license plate mount dealio is still there but split vertically, almost the full length. and I'm now looking for a more durable solution. Any help?
  9. rstrauss3

    Sunday, Dec 12, Cleghorn + Arrowhead exploring

    Walt, Ride was good. Cleghorn is open to the 138, we had fun playing on the hard stuff. When then hopped on 173 to the dam, then 2N33 to 2N17X, taking it to 2N33. Continue east until we came to the locked gate. There were 3-4 volunteer vehicles of people clearing deadwood. There is already a trail being cut from people going around the gate to the left. Just as we were talking to the volunteer rangers, 3 bikes came up from the other side of the gate, where they weren't supposed to be. The long and short, from talking to the volunteers, is that there are is some confusion about what gates are supposed to be open or shut, the net being that you could find yourself in an area you're not supposed to be in, even though you didn't go around any locked gates. Seems like things are very fluid with them deciding or coordinating what gates to open, lock, etc. We flipped it, dropped down from 2N33 to the Pilot Rock staging area to the 138 and then some other DS roads on the south side of the road. Then returned back via Cleghorn. We didn't make it over to the Pinnacles area.
  10. rstrauss3

    Sunday, Dec 12, Cleghorn + Arrowhead exploring

    Walt, got your VM. I'll see you at 9.
  11. rstrauss3

    Sunday, Dec 12, Cleghorn + Arrowhead exploring

    Walt, thanks but I need a bit more of a shorter day. Thanks!
  12. rstrauss3

    Sunday, Dec 12, Cleghorn + Arrowhead exploring

    It's raining, conditions should be great:thumbsup:
  13. Yeah, it's looking like Sunday will be Cleghorn to the Dam, out and back on 2N17X. That's still pretty fun. "Might" then take 173 to Pinnacles and do that stuff too. Wed 12/5 not likely, not if I expect to also ride on Sunday. I have to work now and then, unfortunately...
  14. Sorry, thread title should be Sunday, Dec 2 I'm gonna recon what's open or not...just because... Where: McDonalds at 15/138 When: Sunday, Dec 2, 9am Bike: must be DS, range of 80 or so? Route: ride to Cleghorn and 15 then take Cleghorn and the easy/hard stuff to the Silverwood dam. From there, see if we can get on 2N17X. If yes, do that trail and I expect us to not be able to get to Pinnacles at all from the end of the trail. If that's the case, we flip it. Awesome trail, fun either way, fingers crossed. If we have to flip it, we'll likely ride back the way we came to the cars, or others can do below. If 2N17x is closed we'll take 173 to Pinnacles and see what we see. I'd like to 3W11, 12, 13 towards Deep Creek, cross, and ride up 2W01 (never done this one). Basically, be prepared to do pavement to get between trails. Cleghorn offers easy/hard options for everyone. However, 2N17X is black diamond. Let me know if you're coming. Nissan Titan with red TE450.
  15. Fugit, sounds like we gots some xplorin' to do. We don't need to stinkin' ranger station Ride call coming up.