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  1. Not sure how much oil to put in. Any one know???
  2. Probably the float. Get some canned air the stuff they use on dirty keyboards... After cleaning the carb, spray it off with the air. Should do it.
  3. Would like to pick up a XR80 engine if some one has one. let me know. Would take a XR100 aswell. Thanks
  4. I bought the blast tank. They had a sell on them so I got a big one. I am wondering do I need to cover any thing on a head???
  5. I was talking to my friend and he told me I could get a sand blasting gun and use it to soda blast with out a blast tank. only thing he said I wouldnt be able to reuse the media.
  6. Thanks guys. Just wondering is bead blasting hard? Ive never done it but ive seen the results and I just love it. Also I'd like to get every thing I need in one shot. thanks
  7. I am interested in picking some thing up that will get the job done. Does any one know if this will work??? Also if some one could maybe suggest one. Thanks alot
  8. I just got a freebie 1980's CR80 that is in great condition as far as the frame. I have a XR80 engine that runs very well and wondering how hard will a conversion be. I wan't the XR80 engine in the CR80 frame. Any info will help. I have a welder and tons of tools.
  9. I got a old one i'll sell cheap if u want pm me. It ran but may need some work.
  10. Oh give the guy a break. Just goto and click browse and select 1 pic at a time and post the link it gives u.
  11. i dont know i am going to keep the ATC70 engine when its done it will pull just fine.
  12. Thanks for the info, Right now I am rebuilding the ATC70 engine that was put in there. Dirtbikr188 is doing some head/cylinder work for me. Thanks again everyone. Trail Punisher the ones that Coloradokiteski sells are they lifan?
  13. It reminds me of a trail 70
  14. Maybe you can post pics if you have a cam