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    I tried emailing thumpertalk but I havent recieved a responce so I will ask here maybe someone will know.... When buying a bike from Thumpertalk is there any hidden setup fee's or anything... or just the shipping? Do they accept Yamaha Factory Financing (I already have a card)? Anyone bought one through Thumertalk? and what was your experiance?
  2. christopher in tampa

    ? about Procycle USA and '06 YZ250 OTD Prices

    What is their ebay name? I want to check that feedback out!
  3. christopher in tampa

    ? about Procycle USA and '06 YZ250 OTD Prices

    They dont ship out
  4. christopher in tampa

    TTR125 LE or E

    Just got my wife the ttr125L... you know... The one with the big wheels, front disk but without the e start. She down right loves it! Its a womens bike at best. But I did do a few mods to bring it up from its stock 8.5 HP. Now it might have about 10 LoL!
  5. christopher in tampa

    Anyone going back to 2 stroke for 06?

    I was going to get a Honda CR250... but then at the last moment I started checking out the RM and YZ250. I got the 06 YZ250 and love it. I have to say, the motor is amazing. I have decent amount of practice on it so far and then went and entered a race. I pulled the hole shot in the first race and held the lead to the finish. On the second heat I grabed the hole shot again and held the lead untill the second to the last lap when I high sided over a jump. I was very surprised to pull two hole shots back to back against 450's and all. And when I was up front (in race mode state of mind) I couldnt believe how aggressive that machine is. It is willing and able, actually in all parts of the track (straights, corners and all) its faster than the rider, thats what I liked about it. Not once did it feel like the machine was holding me back, but instead I was holding back the machine! By the way... I rode a friends new Cr250... even though the bike is very nice and well suspended, it lacks majorly in the motor department. All the things that make the YZ's motor so great is missing from the CR's.