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  1. karim123

    85 racing

    Who here races 85s? do u think i should start racing?
  2. karim123

    Me learning to jump!

    doin pretty good for ur 5th time lol wen i started jumpin my ttr125 i was all not comfortable but i am 13 and i got a yz85 now and that is the COOLEST to jump lol.
  3. karim123

    Best performance air filter

    oh one more thing rob you have a speedomiter on your ttr. how fast have you been acording to that?
  4. karim123

    Best performance air filter

    i have heard that both uni and bbr are pretty good but i dont know because i dont have one.
  5. karim123

    highest jumps on a ttr-125L

    i have made about ten feet of air but do not try that it hurts i bottom out easily but no i have a yz85 so i dont bottom out any more over the small jumps. (:
  6. karim123

    Check out my TTR150L

    DUDE that ttr is sweet i had one and all i did is put an fmf pipe on it but i never new you could make a ttr look like this. THAT IS A SWEET BIKE!!
  7. karim123


    why the hell are you gonna put a ttr125 motor in a yz85 frame when a yz85 goes way faster and i know because i have one and i use to have a ttr125 and yes the yz85s top speed is still faster.
  8. karim123

    How do you take off the cylinder on a yz85

    thanks guys
  9. karim123

    How do you take off the cylinder on a yz85

    it is a 2006
  10. Hello i am going to try to take the cylinder off my bike and change the piston rings and i wanted to know how to take off the cylinder in order to change the rings. Can some one please help me do this. the bike is a yz85 thanks.
  11. karim123

    Changing The Piston Rings on a YZ85

    Hey i have an 06 yz85 and i was wondering how often do you have to change the piston rings on it thanks.
  12. karim123

    Best Deal on a new 05 or 06 TTR125or LE

    i have a ttr125le and i am selling it for around 2000 it is a 2005.
  13. karim123

    adjustable preload

    on the ttr125le it says it is an adjustable preload. how do you adjust that and where is it?
  14. karim123

    check this out

    awesome, now you can take pics!!!
  15. karim123

    YZ85 vs. TT-R230