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  1. it was the air pressure sensor. Weird. Thank you very much for everyones input!
  2. yes idled fine before stator went bad and replaced. i will try to swap injector and sensor just in case. I could check TPS also? but didnt know if that would affect idle. thanks again for the ideas.
  3. Yes correct i tried turning the knob CCW, with the knob pushed in but it wouldn't stay running. There is no error code on the GYTR tuner. Valves are correct. Prior to this I had incorrectly diagnosed a no start problem and thus replaced the injector and air pressure sensor. The problem was actually a bad stator and when i replaced that it started but will diie without the fast idle knob pulled. i will double check my work tonight but at a loss. Ugh.
  4. Yes, thanks very much for the input. I double checked turning the fast idle counterclockwise and still can't get it to idle without the fast idle on. I had replaced the air pressure sensor and injector after i mistakenly diagnosed a FI problem but was actually a bad stator. My bad, so I replaced the stator and bike fires up with fast idle only. Looking through the troubleshooting section of the manual but nothing yet.
  5. Thanks for the responses I really appreciate it. No error codes on the GYTR tuner, but i am going to double check tonight that i turned the idle knob counterclockwise and not clockwise.
  6. Has anyone encountered this? Bike will only start with fast idle or what some call choke on. Dies as soon as that is turned off and have tried turning the knob to increase the idle but that doesn't seem to help. I've been searching history for this, and haven't seen a fix so far. Fairly stock bike, 40 hours. Any ideas?
  7. Rockstar

    24hrs of Starvation Ridge update

    i know the 6 hour is supposed to be for testing lights, etc for the 24, but maybe make it a daytime race? Get more turnout?
  8. Rockstar

    2015 yz250fx won't start

    is the only way to check map sensors is with a yamaha code reader? Like the OP i don't show any codes on the GYTR tuner.. Bike has new fuel pump, injector, air pressure sensor.
  9. Rockstar

    special tool for Yamaha Allen head bolts

    You the man thankyou! I should have thought of Harbor freight.
  10. Is anyone familiar with the bolts used for the fuel injector and and other sensors on Yamaha FI bikes? Specifically a YZ250FX? Is there a special tool for these bolts? It looks like a allen but with an extra tip in the middle.. Thanks!
  11. Rockstar

    2015 yz250fx won't start

    I know this is a older thread but did replacing the fuel pump fix your problem? Having the exact same issue and trying to decide whether to replace the fuel pump or pull it apart to get to the fuel filter..
  12. Rockstar

    Anyone Plate a WRF in Oregon?

    Tried to plate a 2007 WR450 last summer and didn't work. This was in Bend and the second DMV we went to took our money and gave us a plate, but sent a letter a month later saying to return the plate and the registration was no longer valid. It's on their vin list that apparently they are checking now.
  13. Posting for a friend. His 6x12 V-nose enclosed trailer was stolen Thursday night and was seen at 12:45 today taking the Longview exit NB off I-5. It is grey in color and has some KTM and the number 46 decals on it. Fortunately no bikes were in it but about $8k in tools and ktm parts, wheels, leathers, EZ up, etc were inside. They cut the hitch lock and pulled it away. Probably a long shot but if anyone sees anything (360) 281-1390 or 360)772-5320
  14. Rockstar

    FX electronics guard

    FX electronics guard Yes I would like one! Especially they were in black. Either way I will take one.
  15. I won this sweet bike lift at the Shedd 6 hour as part of the Endurance series and just wanted to give a shout out and thanks to Gary Forster for donating it! Thanks to the Over the Bars Gang and OMRA for putting on 2 cool series this year and the sponsors that donate this stuff for us. OTBG has been raffling off goodies all year at these races. I believe there are still 2 more Endurance races as part of the series if you want to enter. I have always wanted one of theselifts and it works great for dirt bikes too. This one is a Harbor Freight hydraulic lift and I would definitely recommend it. Thanks again guys!