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  1. lb racing have anything to do with these guys? http://lbscooter.en.ec21.com/product_list.jsp?group_id=GC01931465&group_nm=Dirt_Bike_ thay have some interesting bikes on there
  2. my buddy has a Thumpstar that looks just like that one but it says right on the engine"omicron". He is having issues with it slipping in and out of gear(I think 3rd and 4th). Anybody know common problems that creat this...? Sorry for hijak
  3. I have a c3 and it is the lowest 125 they make... I love it and 4 of my friends got some c3s too and we all have been supprised by how good the ssr stuff is
  4. step 1 buy from outlaw step 2 replace the following right away(like in a week) footpeg mount, and grips step 3 check all fluids and bolts dont forget the spokes! step 4 replace the following in a while(1-12months or more) tires, rear shock change oil in forks and add more. change the air filter if you get real dirty step 5 have fun and tell yourself that your not addicted you can stop whenever you want
  5. "To be running from the fuzz"
  6. I ride the hell out of my ssr125c3 and other then the usual china stuff like foot peg mount fork oil and rear shock I love it. I bought mine from nate about 4-5 months ago and I have loved it. Everything I have broken is because I am stupid and do things that would kill anything. I actually was riding this trail at night with a bicycle light and went off the trail 4th tapped out. Long story short the bike ended up in a tree and the only thing broken was the throttle housing(which I elecrtical taped and it got me home)
  7. all good thanks for the help nate hooked a brotha up
  8. I havnt heard good things about the fast ace forks either. What about their shocks?
  9. all the ones on the page that hpi put up were for the top. I need the bottom one that goes on the fork tubes, that also holds the bottom of the steering stem.
  10. all good
  11. that was what I planned but I was wondering about an upgrade while I am at it.
  12. I broke my lower bar clamp the other day on my ssr125c3; cause I am a dumbass. long story short were can I get one for not a lotta green?
  13. I was just wondering if the brand x minis 36mm conventional forks are any good. I have an ssr125c3, so would the brand x be an upgrade?
  14. Im not knokin on those who do I am just sayin
  15. I cant see spending 3k on a pit bike. My $900 bike sure gets me around just fine