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  1. Cheers, I will have a good look at Kato7's posts and also check that thread. Rode with the Keihin today. Stills feels like it is rich down low (even with a leaner pilot) but it is now rideable.
  2. I have a 150SX and it has run horribly from the get go. The best you can get the bike to run is a bike that is inconsistent and still feels like it is skipping revs. Ordered a Keihin for it last week so I am hoping it resolves my issues.
  3. Exact same thing happened with my 2012 few weeks back. Started noticing a weird sensation when I was on the back wheel hitting a bump around say 25 hours. Took me another 10 hours to realise what was wrong and the dogs were rounded and worn shift fork. I also replaced my clutch and your post basically summed up everything that I experienced.
  4. I haven't ridden a 15 250sx but I have a 14 150sx and also a 12 YZ250. YZ suspension is super smooth and takes every bump out of the track where the KTM is a little bit more harsh. This could be my setup up but from most stuff I have read the Yamaha suspension is still better than the KTM's. To be honest I think they are both awesome bikes.
  5. A quart is .946 litres? should only be using .750.
  6. I don't know if this has been posted?
  7. I am going to be living in California for a while and wanted to get an idea of how much I would be paying for a new YZ250. Retail is 7150 but how much would should I expect to pay realistically? More or less than the retail price? Thanks in advance.
  8. Check your lock nut on the top of your shock spring. Had this happen on two of my Yamahas and it freaks me out real bad as it is a crazy rattle. Long shot but might be worth a go.
  9. Cheers guys. Main reason I want renthal is because they are lightweight. How many hours are you getting out of the standard chain and sprockets? My 150 has 18 hours on it and don't think they will get me much past 20. edit* I only run standard chains
  10. I need to purchase some new chain and sprokets for my 150 in a few months and was looking to get a cost. I was considering getting a orange renthal. Looks like the ktm hardparts/powerparts lists a different brand? Is it possible to get the orange renthals, I thought they were a ktm order part only? Cheers
  11. Got a KTM a few weeks back. Some parts on it are really well designed then other parts make me wonder what the engineers were thinking. Need to pull off a fork guard? Time to remove the wheel :s
  12. Are you going to place the order as soon as you have five people? If international postage is no problem put me down.
  13. Looks good. How did you get a hold of those triple clamps? Been chasing some for ages
  14. Dont think an 01 pipe would fit. 02 was the third generation frame. Dont see why an 02-07 would not fit
  15. I always thought fuel dosent go off, but I know with mowers/lawn implements it seems to make a big diffrence. Start with the simple stuff first. Think this thread jinxed me. Went for a ride today only got up and down the drive before my bike died on me. Left my plug spanner at home