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  1. Joe T

    Improve stock pipe performace

    Wow!!!! Thanks for all of the advice. It was (is) sensory overload!! Obviously, I need to do some work on the net to learn more about the various pipes, etc. Thanks again, Joe T.
  2. Joe T

    Improve stock pipe performace

    Folks, I am new to this site. I bought the wife a new (2005) TTR 125 LE a few months ago. This is her first bike and she is a newbie - but has been riding behind me since we were teenagers (before most of y'all were born!). She is coming up to speed pretty quick. I made the mistake last week of letting her ride my Honda CRF230F (she is a very short lady - so I have to hold her up to start and catch when she wants to stop - or she falls over - too short to have a foot on the ground and hold up the TALL Honda). Anyway, she loved it! She said her bike, the Yammie, felt like a dawg after riding the Honda. Our next door neighbor works on dirt bikes, etc. He suggested that we consider an aftermarket pipe for a little more performance. Today, he was servicing a modified TTR 125 LE with a Big Gun pipe, a 28mm carb (I think that was the size), and a new computer. Anyway, the wife rode it up and down the street. She can't stop talking about how much more "VROOM!!! it has. So, here is my question: If I buy a new Big Gun pipe for ~$200, I will toss the stock pipe into the trash (I assume there is no market for a slightly used stock pipe). So, does anyone have any experience in "Modifying" the stock pipe for better flow? I can't lose on this mod - the worst that could happen is that I toss the stock and buy a new aftermarket. Thanks, Joe T.