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  1. WildRide

    426 leaking out the head breather hose? why?

    Totally normal. The oil mist condenses in the tube and drains out after sitting.
  2. WildRide

    Can't decide WR 426

    Is that an 18" rear rim? It sure looks like a 19" to me.
  3. WildRide

    Radiator Guards

  4. WildRide

    Thinking about an '01 WR426 $3500

    I believe he would have to go to an 05 WR450 to get a green sticker and it would be a lot more $ if it was plated also. 03 and 04 450's I know are red sticker in Cali and are actually worth less than a 02 426 in this area because of the green/red thing. I have a 01 WR426 and I can't kill it, it runs like stink. I put two shims in after break-in and it has needed nothing since (5+ years!) and it always starts on the 1st or 2nd kick, plus I have never had to buy a battery for it because it doesn't need one! Just tires, gas and oil.
  5. WildRide

    Tall bars

    First I got some ProTaper SE Windam bars and then some cheapo bar riser blocks for even more rise and the SE bars are much stronger than the stockers even though they are just 7/8".
  6. WildRide

    WR450 won't turn off!!

    See if your kill-switch wiring under your tank got unplugged when you were in there.
  7. WildRide

    18" Rear Wheel for sale????

    Good luck on getting a straight/cheap one - you are not alone in your 18" desire. Oh yeah, I think the rear brake disc are 245mm on the 03s and newer vs. 240mm on earlier stuff, you need to use your old disc on a newer wheel.
  8. WildRide

    WR426f for Dualsport?

    My sons old YZ250F runs smoother (less vibration) than my 426 but it does not have the "rip" the big bike does. For steady speeds and in the woods the 250f would be less tiring, but the 426 would have much better high speed street grunt.
  9. WildRide

    WR426f for Dualsport?

    I have a 01 and love it. The WR is going to make that DR look like a beached tuna boat off road. The WR is suspended MUCH better than your DR, still it is not a motocrosser but not bad and you won't be giving up any power with the switch. The best part is the 426 is a extremely robust, powerful design and has no real design issues (flaws) anywhere, very reliable, just do the basic maintenance and ride and ride, it will require premium fuel though.
  10. WildRide

    plastic clean up....

    Furniture polish (aka. pledge) works as good as the motorcycle specific stuff and cost a lot less (especially when on sale). It will never look "new" again though. Careful heat gun work will diminish the white fatigue marks quite a bit.
  11. WildRide

    Friends WR400, stupid LOUD

    My son put a USFS Pro Moto Billet end cap on his stock YZ pipe along with a PMB quiet insert, works great and was rea$onable.
  12. WildRide

    The new 2007 WR...I don't like it!

    Yeah, I did not think too kindly of those tanks either. I guess Yamaha would rather shave a few ounces on the advertised dry weight for bragging rights along with saving money and reuse the tea cup size MX tank. I was just hoping for something better like a 3.6 to 4 gal size for a full days ride. It is almost like Yamaha has stock in aftermarket tanks. The old WR426 tank is tall and dorky, but at least it has 3.2 gal capacity, with a reserve and came stock with the bike so I could buy other stuff before having to lay out a couple hundred dollars for a decent tank. IMHO the line between an enduro and an MX bike is beginning to blur, if I wanted a MX bike I would have bought one,
  13. WildRide

    When is EFI coming?

    Sorry to off subject but stop by a Suzuki dealer and compare the tanks on a new DRZ400 to a DRZ400S, one is plastic and one is steel, guess which one is USA street legal? Why would Suzuki spend the money for two different tanks? Because they want to. Back on subject: I am a big fan of mere-mortal repairable devices and EFI is not one of them and a carburetor is. Maybe in 4 or 5 years after other customers (guinea pigs) have funded the debugging I will be interested. I have bad dreams of 3 or 4 hundred dollar ECMs getting wet or hot and dying.
  14. WildRide

    426 reliability

    My 01WR426F and my youngest sons 00YZ426F has been trouble free. The YZF will probably last forever because in 2000 the YZ426F's came stock with SS rather than Ti valves.