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  1. The Street plate is worth an extra $500. I would say if it's clean he could get minimum $4500. If it has a full dual sport kit and other extras $4k would be a steal!
  2. Balcs23

    How to lower subframe on WR450?

    I read about Timmy Ferry's factory bike and they said they oval out the holes on the lower subframe where it connects to the frame. All it does is pivet the entire subframe down a little, the seat and everything attached goes with it. It is not a huge difference but it will help a little. I am 5'9 and could use a lower seat hight but I just ride the mother.
  3. Balcs23

    help street legal in washington?

    I have an 03 WR 450 and an 02 XR70 with washington street plates. I bought my bikes in Canada, had the shop take temporary ownership so you get paperwork and do not have to have the certificate of origin which says (for off road use only). That's what kills you in Washington. Anyway, make sure the paperwork does not say anything about it being a dirt bike. I went to get it licenced in Seattle, handed them my paperwork and said; I need to pay my state tax and get my license plate. They did not question it and I did it on 2 WR's and the 70, my friends WR. It worked perfect. The thing is though, I rode it on the street for a couple months,then I hit Ward creek and freeked out about the for stroke power and stripped it down like a YZ and have been racing it ever since. I am going to convert it back to Dual Sport and get an 06 YZ 450 because of the top heavy bulk that damn WR has, I will miss the electric start though on the track when you make a mistake. Any other questions feel free to ask.