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  1. alba400

    YFZ Port and Polish...

    I ride with a guy that had his done and i could feel the difference. It hits scary hard. He had his done at alba. If you have bought your quad there i would take it there. Try to build a relationship for future work.
  2. alba400

    Suzuki fcr41

    It looks like everybody here likes the fcr39. Most of the z400 racers I've read about have a fcr41. Is the 41 for built motors only? And I heard the eldabrock will give you 3 to 6 more hp. Plus no need to jet it ever. What's up?
  3. alba400

    problems starting after block off kit

    That was it guys. Thanks. I have a rear shock and linkage coming this week. I will call on you again if I have a problem.
  4. alba400

    Looking To Buy Shocks

    I have the 05 z400 and just upgraded to Elka shocks. I have some stock shocks available.
  5. This is my first time writing in. I'm looking for some help. I just put on some plus 2 a-arms. Elka dune edition shocks. Plus 2 streamline brake lines. Then removed the parking brake. Replaced it with a Cr style clutch lever. Then the blockoff. I was happy until i turned the key on and pressed the starter button and got nothing. The lights work but the starter button doesn't. I hope this is enough info.