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  1. Looks good man. Same grafix as my mates. Have fun , new bikes are always fun lol
  2. Yes i noticed a power gain with my white brothers e2 slip on, not dramaticly but it pulls better out of corners but the rest of the money is spent on the sound change.
  3. Thankyou all very much for your info. I ended up getting a Matrix helmet, the local team here are sponsored by them. I have also herd something about the expensive helmets being nerly as good as midrange helmets but like was metioned the expensive ones have better ventilation and stuff. Thanks agian
  4. anyone
  5. Hey the local shop doesnt have many helmets in stock so i cant really try on many helmets. could someone please tell me a few good helmets priced at about $250- $350 Australian. I ride mx, hit freestyle ramps and enduro rides so i need something that has good ventilation. And good brands and stay away from . Any help greatly appriciated Thanks
  6. I say go with crf or kxf i know for a fact that the crf is a really good handling bike wich means you can go throught corners and jump easyer but i have herd that the kxf is really good this year. i say go for a test ride on them, you will be happy with what ever one you choose, you can bet on it. good luck
  7. I have never riden in the dunes but i can ride on the beach with no problem.
  8. That is exactly what i heard. You need to clean you air filter.
  9. My bike is in getting the seals changed and i am getting a quick release button that bleeds your forks (depressureize them). I have been told by the local race team that you should bleed them after every race. But i also jump my mates ramp which is pretty big.
  10. Well i was hitting my mates ramp 2.6m high 7m long aprox at only 25 foot then 35 foot but it was the first ramp i ever hit and after about my 7 jump i cased out, the middle of the bike hit the top of the downramp and my back tyre hit the up ramp side of the down ramp and it flung me over the bars, and i flatend the throttle but luky i was riding a good bike crf 250r and now i only have front tyre imprints on my back and thats it.It didnt even hurt probly casue its not that fast a jump, i was able to get up and keep jumping. good fun i didnt know i was going to case it untill it happen so i think sometimes u just got to practise at crashing until u get it rite , joken. Na just some crashes cant be helped but if i knew i was going to case i would probly try to ghosty it and jump to the side not the front casue it will land on you. Just my story lol
  11. I ride a crf 250r and my bro has a 02 yz85 and i tell you it goes hard . especially for an 85. I dont know how much hourse power but hit band and you want care about the horse power youll just care about controlling that front end. And even just putting around in the woods going slow it doesnt die so i asume its got a far amount of horse power. go with the yz
  12. Q1. Is the full system worth it or just the end pipe Q2. Whats the difference in the wb carbon, wb aluminium, wb e2 and ProCircuit. Thanks for your help in Advance
  13. Yer my bike pops a very little on deceleration especialy when i am in a high gear. i think it just might be air decompressing and releasing or theres not enough fuel in the mixture of air and spark because when i am running low on fuel really low it pops then dies.
  14. Ok thanks all. Gr8 help
  15. It time to change the oil but i didnt not get any book or anything with the bike its an 05 CRF R . I was just wondering how much oil i need to put in and i think there is two compartment that you need to change is that right. Thanks. (Also i have to a search but it was all on what oil)