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  1. hope you are not using the friction modified oil in the tranny side only in the motor no moly in the trans! did you put fresh oil when you changed the clutch? make him do 10-20 laps without touching the clutch you dont need to ride it like a 2 stroke my son has the stock clutch from 07 and has raced it many times.
  2. thanks i will check it out, ps is the a manual on the carb somewhere on this site?
  3. thanks it only sat for two days though?
  4. my 1999 wr 400 was running fine during my last ride, i brought it home and changed the oil. then went to go for a ride in the desert a bit higher altitude and it was rainy that day. anyhow the bike fired 1st kick but when i turned the choke off it would not idle it has always ran great at this location before the bike seemed to run normal except for the no idle condition, what would cause this overnight change, i know its probably the carb but which part. i am no carb expert i could work on 2 stroke carbs but 4 stroke carbs look kind of scary. ps when i got home the same symptoms were still present no idle without choke on. is it the air screw, idle jet, or acc pump?
  5. i have had a 99 wr 400 since 98 i have put over 14k miles on it super hard off road riding not dual sport or fire roads I'm talking class a enduro and desert rides 150 miles in a day and the only problem i ever had with the bike was i broke the throttle cable at glen Helen one day, the bike is built rock solid, i would buy another one. keep fresh oil in it and clean air filter.